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Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Incognito still racist, Panthers fire OC, Caldwell-Pope can travel now, Saints remove games from locker room, Kuzma, Ball talking about the Lakers, Jaylen Brown is woke, Mirotic getting traded, Cameron Jordan talking shit, John Wall gets 5 year Adidas deal, Lakers shopping players, Ref retires after bad game, Draymond fined, Odell trying to save Apple, Reggie Lynch, NK strikes deal to attend Olympics, Southern Miss skipping game to support LGBTQ folks, Kayaker dopes opponent, Cole Beasley got bars, Wet Dream Team, fans throw fake eyes to taunt player, Eagle’s Cox and Melo says Thunder don’t communicate.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and JAustin Rivers,

    I hope all is well and that y’all are staying warm down there.

    Chris Balls out here being the Count of Monte Negro and instigating light on light violence? Pitting Trevor Ariza and Gerald “Allen Iverson from the scalp up” Green against Austin Rivers? I’m honestly impressed by this shit because it doesn’t sound like Balls punched anyone in the balls. And he’s finally putting his big ass head to use. Also, is Chris Balls losing his hair or does he mean for it look like he rubbed his dome down in Oreo crumbs? Justin, what do you think of Chris Balls trying to tear apart the beige community?

    What do y’all think of Hornets looking to trade Kemba?

    Did y’all see Dwight Howard make *two consecutive free throws*, blow the crowd a kiss and then do the big balls taunt to Scott Brooks?

    My BDS Award of the Year nominees:

    Athlete of the Year: Serena Williams winning the Australian Open for the seventh time and being 8 weeks pregnant while doing it. That’s just fucking incredible.

    Petty of the Year: March 28th trending on Twitter due to Saints roasting the fuck outta Falcons for blowing a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl to the Patriots

    Coon of the Year: Jason Whitlock for his tireless efforts of shucking and jiving and peddling antiblackness

    Have a great weekend and stay warm down there,


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jew Brees,

    Let me clear some things up, I’ve been a Falcons fan since I moved to ATL in 96 but half my family is from Alabama. Ain’t no bulldogs stuff in my closet, but I do feel bad for them after that loss.

    Something I don’t feel bad about? Those New Orleans Swamp Niggas. Who wrote in last week saying he wanted the saints to get to the super bowl so they could troll the falcons? Thank you. I laughed even louder when I saw that boy missing that tackle. These Swamp Niggas been trolling the falcons all season long so it was delicious to see them lose like that. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to get a 23-24 with 10 seconds shirt made out of the finest cotton and wear it during Mardi Gras. Did y’all see Sean Payton actually mocked the crowd before that play went off? It was beautifus.

    Having said that, I’m rolling with the Vikings to win the super bowl. Who do y’all got?



  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and JP3

    Chris Balls leading these niggas through the Staples Center secret passages like the Harriet Tubman of testicle fouls. If I had to pick any three players to try to break into a locker room to fight it wouldn’t have been the trio singing Backstreet Boys in a State Farm commercial. Cliff would be disgusted! I noticed they didn’t pull this shit with Memphis though. Who’s the team you’d least want to pick a fight with?

    And what did Austin Rivers do to piss them off that much? I had Lonzo being the LA point guard to get jumped first this season. Although he might have to watch his back around Kuzma for that.

    And nothing but respect for my President Popovich! He held a team screening for the 13th with Ava Duvernbae, Admitted he fucked up and overcoached LaMarcus and messed up his game, and STILL had time to roast 45. This is the leader I’m talking about!

    Great show as always guys.

  4. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and J. Rivers,

    Please tell me ya’ll saw the TNT breakdown of when Austin Rivers did the most light skin thing ever;
    He called the police because Chris Paul was trying to beat him up!

    You know Chris was still mad at “daddy”( in Justin voice) for picking him up in the first place and giving him all that money. Chris Paul had the nerve to send a player to knock on the front door as a distraction, while he led 3 other niggas through the secret player entrance in the back.

    On to my nominees for Balls Deep Award’s for 2017;

    Coon of the Year – Stephen A for suggesting Talib snatching Crabtree chain was setting black people back.

    Debo of the Year – the aforementioned Talib for snatching that nigga chain for the SECOND time

    Babby Mamma of the Year – PG13 baby mama Daniela Rajic, who ran off on the plug on that nigga. She took his money to not have a baby……. and still went ahead and had the Baby! Got this stupid ass nigga for 18 more years. Salute queen

    That’s all I got for now, keep up the great work fellas.


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