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TNO 101: Rod Hated Godzilla 2014

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, what we’re being entertained by, Rick and Morty, IGN fires editor in chief, FBI on Gamergate, Sabrina the teenage witch, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Bryan Singer dropped, Black Lightning, Lindsay wants to be Batgirl, Shadow King casting, Pokemon don’t fuck with Logan Paul, New Fox, Kitty Pryde movie rumor, Runaways, Black Widow movie, Expendables 4, Walking Dead news, Bendis writes final Miles book, Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment, Marvel comics, Marvel ending animated shows, Paddington, new Fable game in development, MoviePass to distribute films, Wally West joining the Legends, Bad Boys pilot, Last Jedi in China, Kick-Ass with Tessa Thompson, Nintendo Labo, Truth Seekers, no Rey and Poe, The Boys adaptation and David Cage.


  1. Amani

    Let’s go to the video tape! Y’all made me go all the way back to Spoiled Movie Review #32. While Kriss gave Godzilla a 1, Rod actually gave it a 0, with HEAVY emphasis on the fuck you, and Karen didn’t even see the movie. The truth shall set you free. But receipts be damned I’m still going on twitter and spreading the rumor that all y’all liked Hannah.

    And nigga. Them Black Panther reviews! I haven’t read them, but goddamn if I couldn’t hear angels and a choir singing once the embargo lifted. I ain’t never in my life cared about a red carpet but they had me checking in on that live stream and seeing how extra niggas were showing up for that premiere. And now that the silly “What if it’s bad” crowd can officially sit down, we’ve moved fully into hoteppery. But Rod thankfully out here asking the real questions about Hogwarts!

    Disney just keeping their foot on our necks with that Ant-man and Wasp trailer too. Janet running on that knife? Bruhhhhhhhh. And Rebels back the Monday after Black Panther weekend? Don’t tell me what my Disney overlords can’t do!!

  2. LisaW

    Great episode as usual. Rod your indignation over anyone thinking you liked Godzilla was hilarious. I’m reading Batman White Knight and Batman Detective Comics (since the rebirth) and am really enjoying both. I was so looking forward to Falcon after Secret Empire but didn’t make it through the first book. I refuse to be insulted by bad writing or waste my time, so I picked up Darth Vader and Captain Phasma and am so happy I did.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi. Rod, Kris’s, Aaron and maybe Karen,

    I reall appreciated Kriss and Aaron explaining what is going on with YouTube. It was reall informative. It did help remind me to subscribe to the MTR network, which I have been meaning to do for the longest. My goal for 208 is to add MTR and BAP to my subscription podcast list, as I already have TBGWT, Nina and NicJu and Reggie. We have to support each other, especially when the content black people produce is unrivaled by anything else out there.

    P.S. Kriss you need to join Dpalm on his planned Fringe cast, that show is amazing. My plan is to rewatch Fringe and Deep Space Nine this summer.

  4. KobaX

    Rod the outrage in your goddamn voice over the Godzilla movie has me dying lolol!!! I had to rewind that shit a few times.. Yes sir that movie was worse than cinemax soft porn.

  5. gattsu25

    One idea I heard about New Mutants getting pushed back is that Fox might have done that as a contingency plan in case the Disney acquisition falls through. That way they have some comic book revenue for 2019.

    That’s just what I heard. Being honest, that trailer looked bad. Like, Blade Runner 2049 box office bad.

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