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PG 130: Them Shiny Lips

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss snow days, white people kids, The Chi, Mo’Nique vs Netflix, LHHMIA, Whose Streets documentary, reality show news and Umar vs Tariq.

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  1. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J-harlamagne tha God,

    As someone from Maryland that also lived in Colorado, I personally don’t understand the haughtiness people from cold areas have when it comes to snow. Yes, when I was going to school it had to snow alot for school to close or be late. And when I became an adult and it snowed you still had to go to work unless it was a blizzard.

    Guess what, that shit sucked. Nothing worse than having to walk home from the bus when it’s snowing and cold as fuck. Or a 20 minute commute turn into 1.5 to 2 hours because of the snow. I’ll also let you in on a secret, plenty of people in those areas can’t drive in the snow either. Plenty of accidents and fatalities because no one can stop on ice.

    Sorry for the rant, that shit just took me back. That’s why I live in Atlanta now and work in a field that allows me to work from home when I feel like it. When it gets below 35 degrees, guess what I’m staying home.

    I’ve enjoyed the Pre-Game’s coverage of the Umar/Tariq Nasheed belief, the irony of those niggas calling each other charlatans and con artists is killing me. My brother in-law has somehow made the transition from full on coon at the beginning Obama’s first term to now being a card carrying hotep. This beef is causing him worrying levels of distress since he has all of the hidden colors DVDs and saw Umar when he came to give a “lecture” in Baltimore.

    Our conversations over the last couple of years have been interesting to say the least. I feel like at this point we are Obi-Wan and Palpatine fighting for the soul of his younger brother who is just out of college. I’m trying to help him continue to be an upstanding young man and not an asshole.

    Anyway keep the shows coming, and we finally got a Cowfish in Atlanta. I’m going to eat lunch there today after hearing you guys talking about it so much.

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