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BDS 240: The STD League

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jamil Wilson, refs vs players, Kobe tv show, Rodney Hood, Floyd Mayweather, Rooney Rule, Branden Albert, Le’Veon Bell franchise tag, NBA prospects in G League, Blake Griffin, Rodman DUI, LaVar Ball sued, Chad Johnson baby, LoLo Jones, Kaep news, Adam Rippon, LaMelo, Lebron jersey, Jayson Tatum got 2 girls, Embiid over Rihanna, Cavs want a trade, Nassar trial, Porzingis, pitch clock, Layshia Clarendon lawsuit, Halladay autopsy, Aly Raisman, Derrick Ward and Tristan’s mom likes Khloe.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jason Kidd,

    I hope all is well.

    Wiggins dunked on someone again and I looked at my Twitter timeline like Kermit staring out that rainy window. All that young athletic ability flourishing in Minnesota *that could have played for the fucking Cavs*. Cavs could’ve had youth on that geriatric ass team. During the draft ESPN talked about how he was a strong wing defender with some questions on offense. Only question I have now is watching the LeBron ball outta control, surrounded by some other niggas and I ask.myself, “nigga for why?” Oh what could have been if the Cavs kept Wiggins.

    Oh well. At least I didn’t deal with the reality of Phil Jackson making my team even worse, my ain’t shit drunk owner disrespecting a franchise legend and Reggie Miller didn’t make a name for himself shooting out the Cavs lights. Amani, if the Knicks could’ve rose to the occasion, Reggie Miller wouldn’t have had enough of a career to become an annoucer.

    Congrats to y’all on calling Lavar Ball becoming a coach out in Lithuania! Coach Ball ain’t NEVA LAUSE, even after he ran off on the plug for that loan and have been shit talking folks asking for their shoes. Is BBB customer service roasting people an example of being on brand as fuck?

    Even though it was two days ago, happy anniversary of Kobe dropping 81 on the Raptors! Did y’all see this happen live?

    Rod, as a former Eagles fan, is there any part of you that would want to see the Eagles upend the Patriots? How many touchdowns do y’all think the Pats will win by?

    Justin, sup with your mans Jason Kidd? How did Kidd get fired before Ty Lue? Do y’all think Kidd will find a way to fill all this new free time and still stay away from his daughter?

    On a winning note for the Lightskint Coalition, happy birthday to Leonard Brothers!

    Have a great day y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Love

    I know Rod was slandering Justin all week in the group texts. Oh you faking sick to get out of doing shows during the week and only play on Saturdays huh? That Kobe apology show is an even bigger disaster than the Cavs have been for the last month. All the Arthur fists in the world aren’t gonna save them from being a team that just hates playing with each other.

    I’m just glad you got to the bottom of that Lakers story because I was about to have to call bullshit. Magic Johnson wouldn’t sign someone because of an STD? MAGIC JOHNSON?!

    And for the Balls of the year I have to nominate Ray Lewis for King Coon going down on both knees, after he said he wouldn’t kneel and still getting roasted by Shannon. Mia Burks gotta be Sidechick of the year for getting a gutload of Melo and catching him slipping looking for a building to buy LaLa. Petty of the year might be Lavar Ball. There’s nothing too petty for a shit talking nigga who still hasn’t shipped those shoes.

    Great show as always. Those drops were amazing.

  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J Mayweather SR!! How you gonna teach your son how to fight a woman but not how to read? For real tho serious question. Y’all think Serena let Venus drive the baby around

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