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TTM 26: Clooney

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    howdy Rod and Bassey,

    I loved the episode Kevin continues to be the only half way decent Pearson! He is supporting Randall once again and being clutch. Now them other two! can we start to process that Randall may not be such a great husband!? He continually making fucked up decisions without any thoughts about Beth or his daughters… Also this nigga said construction was in his blood? Look Jack was cool and all but his blood was william and I don’t see him in construction lol. But seriously This buying a whole building as something to do with no background in Real estate on a whim….Look I know he made money selling white folks weather but from what i know about city planning and working with cities Beth ain’t makin sellin weather to white folks money! So for him to keep going on these random soul searching treks gotta be killing them. Now yo girl Kate just aint shit and the dog to replace a human or heal a relationship never ends well. Ya boy Toby need to go find a woman with a job like his ex wife… One last thing Jack really died cause he cheap… This muhfucka kept a busted crockpot for 17 years.. it was the 90’s he coulda upgraded to a digital one at walmart for $20 and had change to get Kate 3 gallons of ice cream back then….or he coulda hired an electrician too! I bet Miguel keep his woman in fresh kitchen appliances, and make snide comments like Jack ain’t get you the fresh instapot under his breath!
    Thanks for the recaps!


    P.S. Viva Miguel!

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Beth is going to whup Randall’s manic ass before the season is over. When he cut her off and dismissed her when she was trying to explain things to first the tenants and then him, I was like, you better not go home tonight brother. When Kevin has to tell you that your wife is awesome (does he secretly have the hots for Beth? Is that why he is so concerned about whether or not she likes him, especially given his until recently all but non-existent relationship with Randall, don’t forget, it was Kevin who spit the line game that won Beth over. Not rooting for it, I just found his comments interesting in light of Beth barely being able to tolerate being on the same planet as Kevin) and you’re OTT, you know Randal’s life has taken a wrong turn.

    Speaking of Kevin, I finally realize what his obsession with Sophie is. She is the last connnection to the fabulous life he thought he was going to have as a football star. He marries her so that she doesn’t go to NYU and forget him, which would signal the end of his hopes and dreams. Jack’s death just guilted her into being with him. In order for Kevin to truly heal and move on and find true happiness, he needs to realize that he does not love Sophie, at least not like that, he loves what Sophie represents. I will say that if the show brings this character back, I think my head will explode. I did find it interesting that Kevin seemed to get so much satisfaction from helping out with the construction at the apartment building. I like that he got Jack’s necklace back, he has to be haunted by not speaking its his dad on the phone when Rebecca encouraged him to do so. Kevin is my fourth favorite Pearson, behind Jack, Randall and Rebecca and his crying touched me. I really would like to see Kevin interact with Tess again, as I always thought his interactions with his nieces were great.

    This episode is bringing things into place. Miguel’s evil plot to kill Jack is finally clear. He got that old couple to give Jack and Rebecca their crockpot (you know Miguel talked Jack and Rebecca into using it for special event meals, further eroding the functionality of the device). He then diverts Jack when he is going to get batteries from the Radio Shack. After that, he sneaks into the house and tampers with the crockpot, knowing the smoke alarm will not go off and Jack will likely die. To ensure his outcome, he leaves that dog for sadsack Kate to find, knowing he had trained the dog to remain silent and not move during a fire, so that Jack would have to go back in the house to get him. Damn that man is diabolical — he is true and pure evil. You know he voted for Trump, buys Taylor Swift cds and denies the existence of global warming. Yes, Miguel is indeed the worst. #FuckMiguel

  3. Susan

    I felt a need to come to Randall’s defense. Although Beth might be ready for Randall to return to work, I think that it’s too soon. Speaking for myself, I had to step away from the 9-5 life and I was lucky enough to be able to get out for five years. Yes, I led a small life, renting DVD’s from the library, not eating out, no vacations just doing the bare minimum, paying rent and keeping the lights on, but I think it made my life and mental health soooooo much better, it was worth it.

    I’m not a type A like Randall, and Randall has been wound tight his entire life. He’s just getting a chance to connect with his children and maybe discover what he needs to be happy in his life, rather than performing perfection to be worthy of love.

    I get it if money is an issue, but the Pearsons can move into a smaller place, maybe even one of those apartments in the building that he wants to buy.

    I understand Beth’s feelings, she thought she’d married a hard working ambitious man and now that he’s not working it does shake up the relationship, but if Randall burns himself out or has a cardiac arrest at his job although I have no doubt that the insurance is paid up, she’s miss his corniness.

  4. rodimusprime

    Short and quick revelation: I didn’t realize it until Bassey mentioned it while discussing It’s Not Me, It’s You, but Randall being selfish and doing things without letting Beth know in advance reminds me of how Jack would do that to Rebecca. “We’re going on vacation!” And now Rebecca has to go with it to not be the “bad” parent and to do all the planning to make it happen – “I’ll make a list of everything we need to pack.” Beth took care of William, went along with foster Deja, yada yada yada…adore the podcast! I always let friends and fam know to listen.

    Yvonne M

  5. Marci

    I’m a little behind so this is in reference to the last TTM. Anyway, I had to laugh when you and Bassey were talking about how it’s weird that there would be a bar so close to the rehab center! I live in Wisconsin and you would literally have to put the rehab center out in the middle of the woods or something to avoid being near a bar. I guess not everywhere is like my home state, no wonder people think we’re a bunch of drunks…I mean we kinda are. Love the show as usual. BTW I only started watching This Is Us because I saw that you guys were recapping it. (Same with GOT).

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