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1601: No #MeToo For Mo’Nique?

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Rod and Karen are joined by Rashanii and Shanta to discuss podcasting solo vs with people, Mo’Nique vs Netflix, Tracee Ellis Ross pay gap, Gucci Mane autobiography, Kendu Issacs, Jo Marney, Pizza Hut racism, player busted at the airport, man sells puppy for drugs, semen thrower and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think Mo’Nique brings up a valid point about the pay disparity of black women. Once again when black women speak up about injustice we’re told to shut the fuck up. Part of it is that some people don’t like her for her outspokenness but that doesnt mean she doesn’t have a valid point. I was so disheartened seeing so many black men and women say she’s irrelevant and she should just be glad she was offered anything. If you don’t fight for what you think you’re worth, who will?

    I support her and I intend to boycott Crackle for Mo’nique. Who’s with me?

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