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PG 131: Dino Dick

Rod and Justin discuss social media being real, YMCA basketball drama, cis het male relationships, the age when you can get your ass whooped, LHHMIA, The Chi, the rules of the road, interracial dating, white friends, and Barney slanging that dick.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Justin,

    I hope all is well.

    Being from Cleveland and now living in Chicago, I too have often been amused by the plight of Southern folks when it gets colder down there. But I realized, over the years, that this was driven by 2 things:

    1. Folks up here try to take pride in cold weather as a foolish measure of toughness. This is extra stupid since there is a difference between “I enjoy having all 4 seasons” and “WHAT YOU WEAKBODIES CAN’T HANDLE SOME SNOW HAHAHAHA”.

    2. Wasn’t til college i learned that y’all ain’t got mountains of rock salt nor fleets of plows to clear roads. And being able to drive in snow is overrated.

    Also, on being old enough to get your ass whooped? It always amazes me when someone doesn’t realize that they can’t just talk to anyone any ole type of way. Also, I’ve always seen this issue with white folks? Like I once had to restrain a friend from molly whopping a white guy in high school during class. White dude kept telling my dude to shut up. My friend said, “tell me to shut up on more time”. And wouldn’t you know, white boy yelled “shut up” even louder. I had to restrain my friend and told this white boy he should’ve thanked me. He had the caucasian audacity to hit me with a “whatever”.

    Rod, that point you made about white friends was relateable. Nigga after the past 2 years, I realized I have white friends but they’re all on “so when are you gonna fuck around and say something racist?” watch. It doesn’t help that *many* of them were Bernie supporters. Shit’s annoying.
    I hope
    Anyway, i hope y’all have a wonderful day, weekend and show! Peace!

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