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BDS 241: Murder Memorabilia

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Cavs drama, OJ Simpson, MSU investigated by NCAA, Dame met with Blazers’ owner, Jason Kidd fired, Cousins, Kobe nominated for Oscar, NFL social justice, Incognito won’t be punished, Peyton in the ESPN booth, Superbowl bets, All-Star picking, Bortles, Quite Leonard and KY out of the AP poll.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jake Griffin,

    I hope all is well.

    First off, my apologies Amani for roasting the Knicks. Cleary the basketball gods are on your side since they decided this week that the price for wholesale Knicks slander is to break Kevin Love’s hand and for this nigga Isaiah “Lil Finger” Thomas to start working his magic on both Dan Gilbert and LeBron James.

    This pint sized Machiavellian sooth sayer ass nigga must’ve been inspired by seeing LeBron set Dan Gilbert’s bag on fire with the luxury tax and realized he could secure a long term deal here! Pass the buck? My nigga, IT out here passing the buck like its Russell Westbrook shooting over his tiny head. Lil Finger was out here defending his playstyle of being a volume shooter and made Cleveland media forget that IT couldn’t stop a breeze with a shut window, let alone normal sized NBA players.

    IT probably in Dan’s office right now talking about how D Wade is useless; how Derrick Rose is out here elopping and also has no useful ligaments to speak of; Kevin Love’s hand really ain’t broken. How the Cavs need a guard who can actually shoot the 3. And how he need a long term deal.

    And yeah, it’s fun to roast Dolan, but you’re right about Dan. Dan actually fucked up Ohio laws. Comic Sans Dan leveraged LeBron’s popularity to out a casino in Cleveland and for the state to give his gaming company a monopoly. Walking through that casino feels like something between a Dicken’s novel and the Flashpoint Paradox Gotham where Thomas Wayne runs a casino. Goddamnit. It’s all bad. My bad, Amani. Also, the Browns are likely gonna sign Kirk “Captain Fool’s Gold” Cousins. Everything fucked up in Cleveland sports.

    I thought the meanest thing I’d ever see about Blake Griffin was the time someone wrote in to y’all and him a, “dusty Timbaland boot colored, post knee injury Jalen Rose”. Does someone in the Clippers office listen and decide, “you thought that was disrespectful? Watch this!”

    Next time Detroit plays the Clippers, Blake would be in the right to run up on the front office, right? Seven years of catching oops from a ball puncher, putting up with that shitty owner and giving the Clippers 20-10 year in and year out to get shipped out to Detroit? And Lolo Jones out here cooking him? Justin, is the Light Skint Coalition going to address this beige-on-beige slander?

    How is Vince Carter still in the league? I sincerely ask that because after 20 years in the NBA and *still being able to dunk on folks*. Does Vince Carter have a lazarus pit?

    Have a great show, day and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Andre Jordan. Imagine being held hostage by a bunch of niggas trying to prevent you from signing with another team only to look up a couple years later and be the only one who was in the room that night left on the team. I know he’s sick. Anyway, hope y’all are well. I’m still trying to recover financially from the mini vacation. I took the other week. Smooches!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jlake Griffith

    It was all good just a week ago. Blake got rid of Chris Balls and the team was finally his after they just gave you a long term deal, and then they ship your ass to Detroit. I haven’t seen Justin this happy about the Clippers falling back to themselves in years. Do you think he didn’t have Austin Rivers’ back hard enough when the Rockets came to the locker room and he went to daddy to get him traded? And then Lolo Jones puts his business in the streets on the way out the door. I swear if she ran on the track as fast as she runs to twitter to tell you about the dudes she DIDN’T sleep with she’d have a gold medal.

    And shout out to Jemele Hill. I know everybody is ready to ride on ESPN for how they treated her on Sportscenter, but I believe her when she says it was her decision. You could feel the strain trying to force their show into the lane they had to fit. Hell, Mike has been even more vocal about how different it was from His & Hers. Now she gets to go back into doing more of what she cares about. It just makes me value your independence to do whatever the fuck you want here even more. We wouldn’t get gems like Quiet Leonard without the freedom to roam.

    And damn Dough it’s like that? I know it’s frustrating being a Cleveland sports fan, but how am I catching strays? I guess when you’re stuck watching Isiah Thomas passing the buck comes easier than doing any kind of defending. You’re talking about MY owner? When you’ve got Subprime Loan Comic Sans Dan? Yes my owner made a trash ass song about Trayvon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpPhcIb5Mqw), but we’re not gonna act like Dan Gilbert isn’t messing up Cleveland and Detroit so he can have more money to give to his buddy 45. To him LeBron is just another nigga he can run out of town.

    P.S. I don’t know if you caught up on Grownish yet, but they went OFF on the NCAA! Even had Kenny Smith out here explaining the jig, talking about how much networks profit off the players like he doesn’t work for TNT.

  4. Kwamouflauj

    “Barney slanging dick” has ruined my brain like an iPhone in a poopoo toilet. I need to go back to the store and get it replaced cuz all I saw today when I closed my eyes was Purple ass barney pimp walkin with a purple pimp cane and a long ass dick imprint in his suit bru. With an old white woman on each arm. He calls em his Purple Possee whom he heals every night.

    In all seriousness though this dude is a business genius. I wonder if he’ll get in some sort of trouble with his special brand of tantric healing. Like is it some kind of Tantric Council of Wise Yoga men like there’s a board of medicine who can stop him or pressure him financially? I feel like this kind of healing would have come out sooner. It’s such a clever scheme. Or maybe not, maybe his healing is the realest.

  5. kccolon10

    I’ll be honest: I really don’t watch sports games or know the stories you all will cover ahead of time. But I appreciate Rod and Justin covering the hard-hitting stories of recent, and I especially enjoy the episodes with Karen, obviously :). Thanks for having great content for us premium members!

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