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1609: The Long Way

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Mike of the Comedy Outliers podcast to discuss their last monthly stand up show coming up next month, how podcasting has changed, how stand up has changed, strained relationships in comedy podcasting, Baltimore PD has toy guns to plant on people, China bans hip hop culture, man steals patrol car to buy beer, man kills roommate over beer, man masturbates in Burger King and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Meiko

    I thought it was pretty funny when you asked Mike and Brandon if they knew Rose was in on it in ‘Get Out’ and one of them said “yes, after watching it I realized she was”. I cracked up because his joke was able to ride. We all realized she was in on it after watching! Basically his answer was “no, i didn’t know she was in on it”…Lol, I just thought that was funny!

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