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PG 132: All Of The Time, Some Of The Time or None Of The Time

Rod and Justin discuss dealing with cable issues, automated customer service, new relationships, corporate America dulling creativity, The Chi, reality show news, Corporate, light skinned privilege and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up guys. I just wanted to chime in and let y’all know that I have been loving the Pre-Game when y’all talk about deep topics. When you guys talk about your feelings, I’m certain people on the other side of those mics become more comfortable in having deeper conversations about their feelings. I know that’s not what y’all signed up for, but that is a good impact that y’all have on the community.

    Rod, I understand that you have to protect yourself. Please do so. You work too hard to not have it your way. Also, some people really like to have contrarian opinions for conservation fodder. Once I stopped giving a fuck about opinions that won’t change, my life has been much better.

    Anyway, this is getting long. Let’s wrap up. I love you guys. Justin and Rod. I fuck with y’all the long way. Y’all coulda big timed me when I asked to come hoop. Protect y’allselves but try not to lose that personal, intimate relationship you have with people who value y’all.

    Hold It Down

    Drow in the D

  2. rngulledge

    Justin sits on a throne of high yellow lies!!! Of course Common is light skinned. He’s so light he probably glows in the dark like one of those Glow Worm dolls from the 80’s!

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