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BDS 242: JoJo The Scammer

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Blake Griffin trade, Alex Smith trade, Lolo Jones fading Blake, Jemele leaving SportsCenter, Kyrie threatened knee surgery, XFL coming back, Jason Kidd, Giannis not getting love, NBA gambling, Gilbert wants to sell Cavs, Rodman in long term treatment, Lou Williams mad, NBA All-Star rosters, Isaiah Thomas passing the buck, Melo milestone, Enes Kanter talking that shit, North Korea, Chris Long won’t go to white house, Brady cuts radio interview short, Philly PD crisco, Rousey to WWE, LaVar goes in on Kerr, All Star bonus, Leslie Jones joining NBC Olympic team, Joe Johnson looking to be traded, Lebron could go to Warriors, Rachel Lindsay and KD, Kerr deletes tweets, Fox wins Thursday Night Football bidding and more fall out from the MSU abuse scandal.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jom Brady,

    I hope all is well.

    Monday night, I rewatched the final 3:39 of the 2016 NBA Finals. Beyond crying tears of joy, reaffirming how much I missed Kyire Irving and how sorely under appreciated and respected LeBron James is, I felt all the emotions and elation of the Cavs winning their first title again. And I am sincerely overjoyed and ecstatic that Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia got a chance to feel that. Really and truly, no shade nor slander nor backhanded compliments for Eagles fans. I want Philly fans to bask in this feeling, cuz it never truly will leave them. No longer can the rest of the NFC East fry y’all for having NFC Championship banners! (This is how that empathy thing works, right? Am I emapthy-ing correctly?)

    And how much sweeter could it feel to beat the very team that cheated them out of a Super Bowl the last time? I hit them Steve Harvey eyes when Nick Foles (aka Big Nick Dick as Eagles fans have christened him) motioned to the line of scrimmage, cuz I’ve seen that play countless times in college football. Philadelphia came to fucking win! And also came to run the ball, unlike some other bird based teams.

    My niggas, the entire timeline was united to party on the Patriots losing! Folks I’ve followed for years who never tweet about sports short of commentaries on toxic masculinity and rape culture were coming out the woodwork for New England’s neck. For the first time ever, the timeline was united in raising a united middle finger to the Patriots. It was beautiful.

    Tom Brady was out there looking pretty struggltastic with some of those throws. And shouts out to Giselle for lying to their daughter and not just saying, “Sweetie, daddy lost because he played exactly someone who’d attribute their success to a electrolytes and a quack doctor.” Y’all hear the audio of her complaining that Tom shouldn’t be expected to throw and catch the ball? Damn New England, maybe y’all should’ve had a QB who can do both.

    Shouts out to Gronk, who I can’t tell if he was still on the “Rub Some Tussin On It” concussion protocol or if his eyes always look empty like an abandoned Cleveland property.

    Fuck New England. Fuck the Patriots. How y’all patriotic and named whole region after the damn British? Fuck Boston as a city, municipality, staff, record label and a motherfuckering crew. Fuck Robert Kraft, a some loser that got his Super Bowl ring stolen by Putin. Fuck Tom Brady; looks like snowteppry ain’t save the day for Captain Causticity.

    What the hell did Malcom Butler do to get benched?

    I’m so happy about the Eagles beating New England I almost don’t care that Lil Finger is the worst defensive player in the NBA and out standing on a chair on top of a soap box on his tip toes to fry the whole team for their defensive effort. IT lead the team in getting in Kevin Love’s ass on defense! This toddler sized turnstile had the nerve to come after a grown man who can actually get on roller coasters for his defensive effort!

    LeBron can’t leave that shit show of team soon enough.

    Sorry for the length of this and I hope y’all have a great day and show y’all, peace.

  2. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and J. McDaniels,

    Damn, that dude not only fucked over the Colts, he also fucked over all the assistants who left other jobs to sign contracts to work with him in Indy. Kraft must have given him a massive bag to stay in New England.

    In other news, have y’all been reading about the bullshit the owners are pulling in Major League Baseball? Spring training is about to start and there are dozens of good free agents still un-signed with no one calling to make any offers. The union is already making noises like they might file a collusion lawsuit. They used to be the strongest union in the game, but they’ve been taking Ls recently, first with caving to steroid testing and then when they couldn’t get a collusion ruling for Barry Bonds when the league blatantly blackballed him. The owners sense weakness and are moving in for the kill. Who’d have thought in Trump’s America, NBA players would be getting record contracts while baseball players can’t find work.

    Peace y’all,


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Butler

    What did this nigga do??? He’s been your best corner all season and you get benched in the Super Bowl and have to watch your team get lit up by Nick Foles with no explanation? And this is Bill Belichick we’re talking about. He let’s Gronk go out there every week, they used to have Aaron Hernandez! Something don’t add up.

    And speaking of Foles, that boy about to get paaaaaaaaid! My man was about to retire he was playing so bad but he balled out of his mind in that game. You KNOW somebody is going to buy in on the hype and break him off a big check. Big, tall white boy like that he can be the next Riley Cooper.

    P.S. with Lavar Ball coaching now in Lithuania, How long before Luke has to start worry about being replaced with the Lakers?

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    Yes Melo did have a baby on the side in Chicago she’s my good friends homegirl and is was a big mess which i think is one of the reasons he was out of NY.

    The Timberwolves are looking good this year but there has been an argument that Wiggins is a bust. Yea he can score but that’s about it his defence is not that great but he does guard 3 positions so maybe he can’t focus on a consistent matchup I don’t know yet.

    What do yall think about Kawai trade rumors?

    Having the Superbowl here kinda sucks the price hikes for normal shit here is ridiculous I hope it goes back to normal an example is we user have have alot of free parking now its like $20 to park places now not really a big deal but damn its wild

    Anyways have a good one yall


  5. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J.Quincy Jones,

    I feel like I hadn’t heard from yall in a long-ass time even though it’s only been a week. I know I’m behind a little bit on the regular shows but I messed up and did something I shouldn’t have…I read that Fire and Fury book about Trump. I feel like I’ve been in Narnia for the last week and don’t know what is what anymore.

    Please don’t read that book yall. Like you said Rod it’s messy but it also sometimes reads like a Harry Potter story with grumpy old men and ridiculous decisions based on make believe. But you always snap back and realize that these are current events and this is our new American history. I know one thing, my black ass will be ignorant as hell this Black History Season. These white folks get to do it daily so they can deal with me for a few weeks in February.

    Speaking of BLACK HISTOREEEE, Justin did you catch what Kandi’s baby daddy said the other week? This nigga said he picked good mothers to have children with. Yall they had to put captions under this dude when he spoke cuz Atlanta. What do you think about Cynthia and her new vanilla boo? I assumed he was trustworty because he was light-skin but once that tea was spilled it became just a little harder to like the guy.

    Great shows as always, I hope everybody have a great weekend and black history month.



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