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1611: Ballots And Bullets

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, LGBTQ news, a long discussion on voting and revolution, Mo’Nique reveals email from Netflix, Best Buy no longer selling CDs, Leslie Jones, drunk driver, drunk time traveler, pregnant mom not allowed to eat, woman accused of throwing brick at teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rose McGowan is the epitome of white feminism. She’s basically bald headed Lena Dunham. That being said, I think she may be mentally ill so I’m not sure if there’s any getting through to her. Those people cheering her on in the audience was trash though. They signed on to her bullshit and that wasn’t cool.

  2. CasAlways

    When you start an episode with a dramatic rendition of Gwendolyn Brooks, you know the rest is going to be deep and profound. Great episode, y’all.

  3. reallydarkknight

    I won’t even comment on the mess that is Rose McGowan.

    Someone told me the news that Best Buy would no longer be selling CDs. I then asked when was the last time THEY bought a CD from Best Buy…silence.

  4. Forest

    Listening to Rose McGowan made me miss the way someone like Obama would engage with protestors. I remember the way he would stop and listen to people and acknowledge them. I just think about how different and affirming it could’ve been if she just said, “Maybe this is a blind spot for me” and tried to do better, but she just couldn’t do it.

    I can’t imagine the hubris it takes to believe you are owed credit for a movement you didn’t create and one that only works with a collective of women coming out with their stories. Because the sad truth is Rose’s story alone doesn’t get the ball rolling. It has to work in conjunction with other women stepping forward as well, because society is not in a place where a lone woman is believed. So, really, no one person can take credit for a collective effort, especially if they didn’t create the platform for progress to occur.

    Ultimately, it just seems like she’s not a person built for this level of scrutiny, but her hubris won’t let her take a backseat.

  5. lamarrahaynes

    Rose McGowan’s book reading event was so painful to listen to. The way she snapped made her seem like an insolent child. It reminded me of the numerous times I have seen a kid throwing a tantrum in the store. Usually, I feel bad for the child, because they cannot find the words to express all the emotions they are feeling and that is overwhelming. At the same time throwing a tantrum is generally doesn’t get the kid what they want. McGowan’s verbal outburst was her tantrum, which showed me how mentally and emotionally volatile she is.

    But then my empathy runs out…like girl, what are you doing. She SAID she was owed an apology??? She is a transphobe, racist, and she blames everyone for her behavior. Like c’mon B.

    I am not sure if this post made sense. Anyway, love you both <3!

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