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TTM 28: Super Bowl Sunday

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I’m still trying to process my feelings from the last two episodes and my heart is still aching. The death episode knocked me out and this past one finished me off. I’ll keep it short and sweet by saying, this show is trying way too hard to make Miguel likeable. Fuck him. He’s not Jack and he can kick rocks. Although I have to admit, I don’t dislike him nearly as much as I dislike Sophie. She has never had Kevin’s best interests in mind. I bet she conspired with Miguel to kill off Jack.

    And Kevin just had to be a dick at Jack’s funeral. I wonder at what point in his life did he stop being a dick because it clearly wasn’t in his twenties. Remember how he stabbed his friend in the back with that producer? I try so hard to empathize with Kevin but every time I see scenes from young Kevin and teenage Kevin, all the goodwill I feel toward him goes flying out the window.

    Kate doesn’t deserve Toby. She deserves horse dick.

    These past couple episodes, Mandy more has been acting her ass off. If she doesn’t at least get an Emmy nod, then she was robbed.

    Side note, did you guys know that Randall’s real life wife was Miss Yvette from the show? So Randall is basically married to his second mama from the show. That blew my mind.

    I’m glad that we have a three week break from this show because I’m still in mourning. I’ve gone beyond the Intervention cry and I’m full out Netty and Celie being separated by Mister Cry. My emotions can’t handled another break down.

    Evie E

    PS Fuck Sophie

  2. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey,

    My number one feeling after the latest This Is Us was: Gahtdamnit, Jack Pearson for President. I don’t care that he’s dead. The nigga is THAT good.

    Love y’all
    Katrina (@number1feeling)

    Your Neighborhood Scandalologist,

  3. rodimusprime

    Bassey and Rod,

    This was WAYYY TOO MUCH! I thought they were trying to get me Sunday, but when I tell you I was bawling my eyes out for Tuesday’s episode?! Y’all, I had a trying to catch my breath cry by the end. I needed a rocking hug.

    Teen Randall was giving me graduate of Lettie Mae Daniel’s Black Acting School lip quiver and I just could not. Teen Kevin lashing out- I thought someone would snatch him up right quick at the repast, but I’m glad he was back level at the tree. And Kate grappling with still having that dog but not her dad. She wanted her mom to tell her it was her fault so badly. It was like she wanted her mom to beat her up so that she wouldn’t do it to herself. By the time the kids got through, I was ready to hug the urn too. I’m low key glad this was a memorial and not a Home going. Can you imagine Aretha Franklin’s “Mary, Don’t You Weep” at Jack’s funeral?! I would not have made it.

    Mandy. Jameka. MFing. Moore. She was on a mission the day of Jack’s funeral, but when she told the Doc that she kept that urn close all day because she felt guilty for not being there, I lost it. I was done.

    And if Mandy is Mandy Jameka Moore, then Milo is Milo Damita Jo Ventimigilia, because that damn negotiation with the car salesman was I.CON.IC. I ain’t never cared so much about a damn station wagon in my life. I don’t even have a family and I’m rethinking not getting a Subaru Forrester that my cousin was trying to push on me. Barring the fact that he got it without consulting Rebecca first (I see where Randall gets it), he made that wagoneer sound like destiny. How he out sale the salesman?! That boy goodt!

    I got my life when he made those boys walk too. You know he was fed up because Jack was never really about being too mad at his kids. That was everything.

    This episode had so much but I know y’all covered it all. All I know is that they gave me a whole hour of feels and tears. I don’t know how they top this, but I’m looking forward to it.

    We got 3 weeks to re-up for the next show. Rod, Bassey, chatroom- may Jack watch between me and thee, while we’re absent, one from another. Amen


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    No long comment today – I’m trying to get this in before the next This Too Much. You guys pulled a fast one on me with your review of Super Bowl Sunday. I just knew you’d double up with both episodes in one review.

    I watched the super bowl episode live. After listening to your review, I realized I missed a bunch of stuff, so I had to watch again. I must admit, I was apprehensive about listening when I saw Deja – y’all know that’s my girl and I know you guys aren’t there yet with her. I’m glad she’s back and it seems we’ll see more of her in the next episode. The episode we have to wait 2 weeks to see 🙁

    Onto the Car – I really loved this episode. Mandy Moore is still killing it! If she doesn’t get nominated, something ain’t right! I’m glad we got the backstory on Kevin before this episode because I wasn’t even mad at his assholery. I totally understand. Miguel even made me tear up a little.

    Anyway – I look forward to TTM and I hate we won’t hear from you guys for a few weeks. I hope to be able to join you guys live today.

    Be Blessed,


    • FalconsDiva

      FYI, this is me. My silly behind was looking for an episode titled the Car and thought this was for the comments y’all read earlier this week.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Let me start off by saying I typically watch This is Us during my lunch break. It’s something I’ve got to stop doing because let me tell you… coming back from the break room with bloodshot eyes and a runny nose is just not a good look in corporate America.

    I have so much to say about this latest episode and yet not enough words to say it. I thought Super Bowl Sunday and Jack’s death was what I needed to prepare for but “The Car?”…THE CAR?! This episode broke my soul AND made it smile all at the same damn time!!! It was perfection. A perfectly-written, perfectly-shot, perfectly-executed and perfectly-acted piece of art that REBECCA PEARSON/MANDY MOORE CARRIED ON HER BACK. Do you hear me?! That’s one white woman I’m rooting all the way for. I don’t need to go into detail about what exactly I loved because I loved it all. Every damn second. My favorite episode by a length.

    This is my first time writing in so I just want to make sure I say a few things: Kevin might be my favorite character and the actors who play him don’t get enough credit. Kate is trash across the board and we don’t need to go into much detail there. Deja needs to just not. I’m over it and her. She brings nothing to my table. And lastly, I have never been more in tune with someone on a podcast as I am with Bassey. I literally feel like I’M the co-host sometimes cause she takes the words straight out of my mouth, it’s wild. And then I found out she’s Nigerian too? We are one, she and I. I LOVE listening to y’all…. and I was so happy I have these re-caps to look forward to as we wait approximately 29 years for the return of Game of Thrones.

    Thanks yall!

    Sefe (rhymes with Jefe)

  6. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I heard y’all struggling with the math a little on the last podcast, so I’m here to help you out, lol. Jack was 36 when the triplets were born (you might recall the show beginning on their 36th birthday as well), so he was 53 when he died. But Rebecca was only 30 when she got pregnant, so she’s 47, maybe 48 at that time. I feel like Jack even mentioned her being a 45-year-old singer last season when they were fighting, which was terrible but also kind of hilarious to me.

    Aside from that, I also wanted to share a little tidbit I found out about where Randall and Beth live. (I’m the person who let you know that it was Alpine, NJ.) I looked up the area, and apparently it’s one of the richest zip codes in the country. I’m sure you’ve seen the Chris Rock bit where he talks about how his neighbors are Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige, yet his white neighbor is, like, a dentist. So Alpine is the area he’s referring to, which sounds like Beth and Randall got Chris Rock money, or something close to it, lol. I still don’t know how you make that by selling weather, but I thought that was interesting.

    Anyway, sorry for coming back to “Well actually” you again, lmao. But thank you so much for this podcast; it really enriches my viewing experience.



  7. Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I just caught back up with season 2.

    Y’all were great this episode. Especially when y’all discussed the hospital scene and Jack’s portrayal. I am glad you dropped the Jesus comparison, Rod. The Big Three is, in a way, some kind of church. They have rituals (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Jack is their messiah in some sort of way.


    Again, y’all were great!

    • My opinion about Toby being so nice to Kate goes back to his ex. He told Kate that his ex was terrible to him and most importantly, his ex is the reason why he gained so much weight. Toby is super upbeat but I feel like next season we’re going to learn about Toby’s past. He fully sees Kate and I think he feels safe with Kate. His ex definitely did something to him. Kate feels safe to Toby. He understands her and most importantly he knows Kate won’t ever hurt him. That’s my guess at least. That’s a direction for season 3.

  8. Anonymous

    Hey Rod and Bassie,

    The Super Bowl episode just broke me down!! I had to come leave some thoughts even though you guys already covered the episode but fair warning I will probably be all over the place because my emotions were ALL over the place.

    Ok. Why was I bawling the first 4 minutes of the show? This is Us has never gotten me right off the bat like that! And then I was so pissed at Kate yelling for that damn dog! When I thought Jack had died in the house going after that mutt I was giving her the serious evil eye! Then the hospital scenes with Jack and Rebecca. AHHHHH!!! I’m so glad that they showed Jack’s death from the hallway over Rebecca’s shoulder and not from in the room with Jack. I wouldn’t have been able to handle watching Jack code, seeing the doctors working on him frantically and then watching him flatline so thank you This Is Us directors– thank you for not completely destroying me. And this show is so amazing– they even made me feel bad for Miguel. When Rebecca didn’t even allow him a second to shed a tear for his best friend I felt so badly for him. That was his best friend and he’s JUST heard he died. I think she should have at least given him a few minutes to break down before saying “you need to pull it together so I can talk to the kids”. Speaking of the kids– all the teenage Pearsons rocked this episode. Those little kids can ACT!!!

    Finally a question for you guys– do you think that Kevin not being there that night and not going through the fire experience and finding out Jack died along with all of them is why he’s kinda the outsider of the family? I know the show has shown him being the outsider even as a little kid (for example the pool scene where no one was paying attention to him, the camping scenes where no one would watch him play football and again where everyone was in the bed together and he had to sleep on the floor) but I have to think that him not going through such a HUGE and traumatic experience with the rest of the family had to create some kind of distance. At the same time though you would think that going through that would’ve made Kate and Randall super close and in the present day I just don’t really see them that way. Anyway, such a great episode. “The Car” was another great one too. Let me just say that Jack is killin it for all other guys out here. I want a man that’s as sweet and romantic as him but I realize that he’s like 1000 level perfect and I’ve often thought that the fact that we’re remembering him through the memories of this family who lost him too soon probably lends itself to them ONLY remembering the best of him. Still, he’s amazing! I can’t wait to see more of his backstory.

  9. SymSymma

    Hey Rod & Bassey,

    Mandy Moore is unreal…give her all the awards and I mean every last one of them because an Emmy, SAG or Critics’ Choice is not enough. Is there a Nobel Prize for emotional release? I cried for what felt like the entire episode with varied levels of intensity. I am glad Rebecca didn’t see Jack die because I think it truly would have been too much. I could never watch this show on Netflix because I need the commercials to gather myself and hydrate.

    Kate and Toby make more sense to me, but I agree with you both that I don’t yet see what made Toby fall in love.

    I have been Team Deja since she revealed her alopecia to Beth. I feel like there is so much they can do with her character, and I think her return could help reveal some things about Randall and Beth (I am so eager to learn more about Beth’s backstory). Maybe future Tess is Tess’ real mama? I don’t know how they are casting this show. Like seriously, HOW???

    I recently caught piece of The Truman Show, and I feel like eventually everyone will be watching this show together. It is just so damn good.

  10. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey

    I love this show and your podcast. This Is Us gets me felling all kinds of ways every week. I find my life mirrors so many parts of this show. My husband died in 2013 as a result of complications due to Sickle Cell. Like Jack,he was amazing. My husband poured his all into me and our two kids. The he loves us completely and would do everything for us. Much like Jack , Errol was the best father and husband.

    Both of our children (now 16 & 13) were adopted at birth. Making me completely relate to Rebecca in every way. Like her I am so careful with my children’s memories of their Dad. To tell the truth I am waiting for the moment Rebecca says “you guys lost the wrong parent”. Because that’s how I feel. I just know I will have that conversation with my son when he is older when I say “she was just easier”.

    But nothing hit me like the hospital scene. It was so familiar. My husband wasn’t suppose to die. He went in for a routine blood transfusion. Next thing I know I get a call from the hospital that he is in the ICU and the next day he was gone. Watching the scene with Rebecca in the hospital brought it all back. The feeling of it not being real. That someone made a really bad mistake. I felt everything Rebecca was going through and cried the whole night.

    I love this show but I’m not sure I have the strength to keep watching it. This is us , is too hard.

    Sorry this is so long. Keep up the great work.

    Love you guys


  11. brooklynshoebabe

    Also, I did laugh when Mr. McGiggles escaped and Beth said out the side of her mouth that she was going to get the phone in the kitchen and stay in the kitchen. Fuck that lizard shit.

  12. brooklynshoebabe

    So, I’ve never watched an episode of This Is Us. Basically, I just follow your recaps and it helps me feel invested in the show. Since I skipped the Super Bowl except for that trash half-time show, I decided to give the show a try aside from the recaps. GOT DAMN!!!! I didn’t make it past Jack’s death. I went through all the feels. I started doing the silent sob, one tear coming down my face, and my shoulders shaking. I ended up going into my daughters’ room to snuggle with them and tell them how much I loved them. When I told my oldest daughter why I was suddenly so emotional, she forbade me from watching TiU immediately. Mandy Moore was absolutely brilliant when she received the news of Jack’s death. She deserves all the awards. This Is Us was This Too Much. I wasn’t ready. I. Was. Not. Ready. *smh*

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