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PG 133: Common Is Light Skinned

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, LHHMIA, fighting in school, punishments we got as kids, paddling at school, Big Mouth and listener feedback.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Justin,

    I hope all is well.

    Justin, Common is lightskint. While I was not in the poll during last week’s show, that poll didn’t lie. Common is very much of on the scale of folks who chart between the lightest of beige to Waffle House waffles.

  2. DeonBmore

    I feel like we need to keep Justin quarantined to the Pre-Game, Balls Deep and an occasional movie review. The blatant fake news and butchering of the facts is cool when talking about sports if Shirley and Karen aren’t there to keep him straight. On the nerd off my “well actually” senses would be working overtime and I couldn’t handle the stress. All jokes aside hearing Justin’s wild hot takes on The Nerd Off would be hilarious.

    And I had a similar situation to Rod in being forced to fight another kid in middle school. This kid wouldn’t stop messing me and he was one of those niggas that was 13 in the 6th grade so he really thought he tough. I was a nerd and back then I used to stutter before I took speech therapy so I was prime bullying bait.

    My father instilled in me from a young age that if you are in a situation where you are going to have to fight, skip the bullshit and theatrics and just get to business. We and the other kid got surrounded by a bunch of other in the locker room while my gym teacher was probably out back smoking or something and they said I had to prove I wasn’t a pussy. While the other kid is clowning and dapping up his boys talking about how he’s gonna beat me up, I took my combination lock, but the loop part around my finger like a pair of brass knuckles and punched him right in his face.

    I whooped that lil niggas ass, he had the nerve to be smaller than me even though he was an older kid. Of course I’m the one that got suspended, but I never had a problem at school after that.

    Anyway love the show, ya’ll stay safe.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hello T’Rod of the TBGWT Clan and Hello Justin aka The White Wolf,

    Rod I hope your foot is feeling better, have you been soaking it in epsom salt and talking BC powder? You know all that black southern stuff.

    Anyway I wanted to know if Justin was watching Seeking Sister Wives? Normally I would pass on that stuff but they have a black couple from Atlanta looking for a second wife. Not just black, but woke pan-african black.. It’s interesting seeing black people do stuff like that. Oh and the show crew be snitching. Like the black dude would be meeting up with the pre- wife after the crew leaves, but they always put it in a subtitles.

    One last thing is it possible for Justin to guest on The Nerd Off, love Aaron and Kriss but Justin could bring a fresh take to the show(being ain’t shit).

    Take care guys.


  4. Anarke216

    Why does J-saiah Thomas keep acting like Common ain’t Lyte Skint. As a member of the light bright delegation, I accept brother Common into the fold.

  5. btouch


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