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BDS 243: Fly Eagles Fly

Rod and Justin discuss the Super Bowl, listener feedback, discord on the Cavs, Josh McDaniels, Malcolm Butler benched, D Rose married, D Rose got his friends paid, LaVar Ball, Usain Bolt’s feet, Eagles not going to White House, TO diss Whitlock and makes hall of fame, Cousins, Sharpe goes at Lou Williams, Marcus Smart on the block, Winter Olympics condoms, Timberlake, Nassar attacked, Westbrook pushes fan, Porzingis injured ATL Super Bowl halftime acts, Marty Hurney placed on leave, Aaron Hernandez, Hawks GM, Lebron cursed at Cavs execs, Edwin Jackson killed in wreck, Gronk home broken into, Oakley case dismissed, MSU fall out, Willie Reed suspended, John Wall, Phoenix Open streaker, n-word yelled at basketball team, Favre sued, Maradona and Kevin Hart.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jommon,

    I hope all is well.

    Seeing the Cavs beat the breaks off of Boston and then return the favor to OKC gave me so much life! I forgot that it is actually possible for folks to back down the court on defense *before* LeBron James! Not only that, but did y’all know that guards are allowed to be taller than 5’7 and actually play defense? I was smiling watching the Cavs get back in action with all that goddamn youth. Nance, Hill and Hood looked so good for the Cavs! George Hill basically came out and said you might as well call them niggas Otis, because nobody came to see them when you got LeBron on the team. I appreciate that kind of winning attitude.

    Nevermind that all this could have been avoided if they hadn’t traded Wiggins…but damn the Cavs looked great again.

    Also, shouts out the Cavs for celebrating Paul “Do Nothing Nigga” Pierce’s Celtics tribute by whopping their monkey asses up and down the court. I’m convinced that kids who grew up with Paul Pierce as their favorite player brush their backwards, love Hooisers and vote Republican. I really hope Pierce’s kids looked up and him and asked, “Daddy, why is LeBron James still playing and you’re sitting in the stands?” And what’s more fitting for Paul Pierce’s big day than for LeBron James to run wild over Boston.

    Shouts out the Boston Police department for celebrating Black History Month by honoring…Red Auerbach! Only reason they’re happy Red fielded the first all Black starting five is so that fans could throw shit at the players without having to aim. Fuck outta here.

    Now if you wanna see a losing attitude, go check in out Isiah “Lil Finger” Thomas out in LA, racking up techs and getting ejected. How you supposed to command a long term deal and you’re letting the like of Rondo get under your skin?

    And finally, shouts out to Adam Rippon for winning that bronze medal and for being an openly gay man repping the US in the Winter Olympics opening airing out Pence for being a violent, awful homophobe. That kinda shit matters and I’m happy to see Rippon flourish.

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaisaiah Thomas

    You thought you could just show up in town and start talking shit like you were Reggie Hammond. Must have forgot Lebron is the Gawdfather! My man cleared out half the roster and got some of those young legs he could have had all along with Wiggins. Even made Savannah happy and sent Wade and his cheating ways back to Miami.

    And Rod I owe you an apology, you were right I forgot Nick Foles got stuck with Jeff Fisher after Chip Kelly. I mean hell, half the QBs in the playoffs “bounced back” after Fisher got fired, you can’t judge a man under those conditions. But you better believe 49ers fans are on the Garoppolo hype train. Yes I see the jig with Kap playing just as well on his sharecropper contract last year, but my QB is undefeated and has two Super Bowl rings! Neva lost!

    Go head and talk your shit though Rod! This Tar Heels season is house money anyway, but anytime the Pats and Duke lose in the same week it’s a beautiful thing. Grayson Allen’s 37 year old ass just ain’t been the same since he had to stop tripping people.

    P.S. Your baseball story last week made me pay attention to the MLB offseason for the first time in forever. Shit’s wild, payroll has been going up about 5% every year since 2012, but so far this year they are down almost 15%! My man Jeter bought in at JUST the right time!

  3. LisaW

    Ian Rappaport’s report about Butler sounds ridiculous especially since Belichick said it wasn’t a discipline issue. I hate how the media is always so quick to smear the athlete. Great show as usual

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