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1613: Rumble In The Park

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Rod and Karen discuss Russian penetrating US voter systems, Super Blue Blood Moon, lady-friendly chips, emotional support peacock, Passion of the Christ 2, Amazon getting in the health care business, DMX back to jail, Jill Scott, Quincy Jones, Rosa Parks, Matthew Knowles, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. J

    PepsiCo CEO denied that Lady Doritos were being developed.

  2. EvieE

    Lady Doritos sounds so stupid and sexist. I have no problem with crunchless Doritos because some people with texture sensitivity or hearing sensitivity may actually prefer these. But the marketing is all off. I can’t imagine why they thought of marketing these as “Lady Doritos” thought this was a good idea.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod and Karen, you slay me with your improvs. Now I’m just imagining the Crips and Bloods in West Side Story.

    During TTM, you told a story about your Dad forcing you and your brother to clean to Wu Tang while he lambasted your like for them. That reminded me of when my twin brother and I were in college and Main Source was out. My brother bought the cassette single for Live at the BBQ– where Nas went to hell for snuffing Jesus. So, one Sunday, my brother had come from the movies or something and my grandma started yelling at us for listening to such profane music. My brother asked why she played the tape in the first place. She was cleaning and thought Main Source was The Main Ingredient. LMAO. After that, my brother started making her old school mix tapes.

  4. reallydarkknight

    Hey y’all,

    I fly for a major airline and the emotional support animal stuff really has gotten out of control. Just a few months ago, some dude got on the airplane with an adult German Shepard and a Husky. Even though he was in first class, those big-ass dogs didn’t leave enough room for the one passenger sitting next to him. About two years ago, someone had a goose on board. He shat all over that airplane! At least he had diarrhea. Took that airplane out of service while they cleaned it up. How pissed was everyone else on that plane.

    As for the Lady Chips, my daughter brought up the subject and I let her know that if I ever catch her mom crunching chips when I walk through the door, we are getting a divorce right then. I don’t play that shit! You better act like ladies, ladies!!!

  5. katrinapavela

    y’all took me all the way out with that sharks v. jets bit at the end. I did not care if I was walking down the street cackling!

  6. Its Kk Yo!

    I hate the way the chrunchless chips are being marketed, but they could be useful. Imagine if they targeted the marketing at people who use mics often (podcasters, letsplayers, anybody who chats on the internet) as a way to snack without crunching in the mic. Like all of the possible ways they could sale this product and they decided to go with Lady Chips.

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