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TTM 29: The Car

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and Bassey! I finally remembered to send an email this week! Just wanted to say, I’m sad everyone’s suspicion about Beth being fed the fuck up with Randall were true. It’s totally understandable though. I hate to say this, but in some ways he’s just like Kate, meaning it’s always SOMETHING. Kevin was right about the damn Randall show. We just couldn’t see it until he said it. Sigh. I’m kinda with Bassey on being annoyed Deja is back. Not because I don’t like her, but because I don’t feel like they developed her relationship with them enough to convince me that Beth is devastated she left. It’s strange because they’ve been so good at making us feel one way or another about everyone else. I’m kinda indifferent about Deja though. We’ll see what happens.
    One last thing… I used to hate Toby, but I’ve come around a bit. I know why Kate wants to marry him, but they’ve not given any good reasons for why he should wanna marry her. They have got to redeem her soon, cuz she’s been trash at every age for this whole show. Anyway, have a good one!

    Cali C

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    This episode tore me apart. Seeing Beth and Randall arguing was like watching my parents argue. I kept screaming Mom and Dad, noooooo! But I gotta admit, Randal was way out of pocket for implying that Beth didn’t have a heart especially when she’s been putting up with his shenanigans for months. He couldn’t give her one damn night. Randall was on that bullshit and he knows it. I’m glad they made up in the end.

    I felt really bad for Toby. I related to him so much this episode because he was trying so hard to impress Kevin and Randall. That was me everytime my cool cousins would come for a visit and I would always try to impress them. I wanted to give him a hug. Still looking trying to figure out what he sees in Kate, but oh well. Speaking of Kate, for a minute, I thought Beth would back hand her when she inserted herself into Randal and Beth’s argument. She looked at Kate like Biiiiiitch.

    But it did give some insight to Randall and Kate’s relationship. It’s clear that Kate has always been in awe of Randall. When they were kids, Kate looked at Randall like a rockstar which I thought was sweet. And to see that she resented Beth makes me wonder who Kate never viewed Sophie that way and not Beth. I take that to mean that she knew Sophie wasn’t shit and wouldn’t stick around to be much of a threat. I’d like to see more of their relationship because maybe through her relationship with Randall, I can start seeing it for her.

    I’m with you Rod, I’m glad Deja is back. And for the previews it looks like her mother is on that bullshit. Welcome back Deja!!

    Evie E

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Bassey!?

    I’m just here to say Fuck Kate as a label, a staff and a motherfuckin crew. I was Toby hive but now i gotta look at him sideways cause this is who he wants to marry. How dare her and her peak Caucasian ass get the nerve to try and even speak her name with Beth’s! Yes Kate everyone should choose Beth over you, Toby, the Dog, Jack nigga errbody! I swear every single person in her life only is as valued as they serve a purpose to her. Jack was great because he never kept it real with her mediocre ass and made her feel good. ( I know that’s a father job but it’s ok to be real with your kids.) Toby because he mirrors jack and hypes her wack ass up. “Skinny Becky” Madison or addison whoever because she buys drinks and she seems more fucked up. IDK anybody else cause she ain’t got no muhfuckin friends…none and as far as we have seen the show has never really had any (that weren’t just tryin to get some Kevin D!) Why because she is insufferable! I’m done but.. I just needed to let this hate out .
    Happy Friday!


  4. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey —

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your recap of the episode of “The Car.” I have to admit that after losing several close family members and friends in the last few years I was reluctant to watch that episode. So I decided to listen to your recap first—knowing what to expect helped me go into it without completing breaking down. (In fact, your description of how some things happened – i.e., Kevin and Randall’s fight in the car – was actually funnier than what was actually portrayed.)

    The next part of my comment is addressed solely to Bassey since Rod already curved this idea on Twitter. Yo. I *need* y’all to do a special edition of This Too Much breaking down Black Panther. It’s been a few weeks. We’ve all seen the movie multiple times. Forget spoilers. We need to digest the conflicts between Africans vs. African Americans, self-interest vs. collective interest, the imagery and treatment of Black women (by ALL of the characters #KillmongerIsTrash) and so on. Bassey, please make this happen. Y’all did it for “Moonlight.” We NEED it for Black Panther. Do it for the culture! WAKANDA FOREVER ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

    Kimberly J

  5. Amani

    I’m cheating because I’m still behind on this show, but I just need to hear Bassey’s take on Jason Derulo remaining trash and thirsting after Jordin Sparks on the gram.

  6. apatheticamerica

    Bassey, that Cardi B reference w/ Rebecca & Kate took me out! Hi-larious!

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