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BDS 244: White Dude Sports Radio

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, the Cavs trades, IT, Warriors coach themselves, Oden wants to make a comeback, Kareem Hunt accused of assault, Draymond fined, mom walks out on HS football recruit, KY player has armed guard, Baylor football sexual assault scandal, Lebron on Trump, Melo and La La, Barstool host fired, Broner accused of sexual battery, Pop talking that shit, Michael Smith is a real one, Boston radio host racism, HS coach ignored team sexual assault, Christian college doesn’t punish rapist football players, McDaniels, Ball family news, Kim Jong-un impersonator at Olympics, Lebron wants to remake House Party, Tebow not joining XFL, Brady documentary on pause, Fultz might not return, Ben Simmons being petty, Blake Griffin a dead beat, Loaiza slanging that stuff and Shaun White.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jerrick Trillmonger,

    I hope all is well.

    Fergie didn’t sang the national anthem that this country both deserved and needed. Lord knows she tried to hit all of those notes, bless her heart.

    I am not a religious man, but if I were, I’d hope the good lord would strike down Rae Carruth with some divine like lightning or maybe a 747 turbine. Fuck Rae Carruth all day every day.

    I can’t wait til next season when Jimmy G gets mic’d up during a game and we learn that instead of calling audibles, he’s just calling defensive players broke boys. Fuck a Super Bowl and fuck stats, Jimmy G is already the MVP at the bank.

    Justin, I’m happy to say that I’ve been getting my blood pressure under control so that when the Browns pull up the Brinx truck for Kirk Cousins in Jesus’ name, I don’t have a heart attack. Kirk screams “intangibles” and has a litany of volume stats. Are opinons on Kirk Cousin’s a “Two Americas” moment, since the two divergent groups about Kirk Cousins are white folk vs Black folk and Washington’s front office?

    I don’t see much an issue with him remaking the movie, since it was before my time (came out 8 months before I was born). I do wish he’d just let go of his damn hair already. He’s the greatest basketball player (better than Jordan; die mad about it (shouts out to Good and Terrible)), a philanthropist and literally embodies all the tropes we ask of in our athletes. Like those wild demands about speaking on *every* issue? LeBron does that. He is sending a 1,000 kids to college. Why can’t LeBron do himself the kind favor of just coming home already? LeBron really wants to remake House Party before redoing his hair plugs though? The Cavs fixed their roster before LeBron could get him a Bevels and fix his thatch work scalp?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful day and show y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Littal

    BSO site coming through as janky as Fergie’s national anthem! Caught the last half of the all-star game and I gotta admit the new format worked this year. Bron out here looking at Steph like “This is your king?” But really we should have known there was no way he was gonna lose after he dealt with racists all week telling him to shut up and dribble. My man letting that chopper spray and doesn’t care if republicans buy sneakers too. #BetterThanJordan

    Don’t know if you caught the whole show he and KD did with Cari Champion but there was some great stuff in there. It was the type of unfiltered look Justin THINKS he wants from Kobe. Some great stuff in there about fatherhood and maturing as men, but on the court I just love how he casually calls him and KD the two best players in the league and the waveless wonder agreed. Now I just need them to televise the draft next year so we can get some real hurt feelings over who gets picked last.

  3. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod & J-caeruth!

    Thanks again guys for another week of sports hilarity. Another week of Baylor university messing up again, sports talk fussing over nba players involved in all star weekend. Oh, and my buddy, Draymond listening to the national anthem while caught with his mouth open, again!
    Also, can you guys comment on the Rae Carruth debacle and what the talking points have been discussed locally.
    Thanks again,

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