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1626: The Girlfriend’s Train

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Rod and Karen discuss a poem, some random thoughts, Tiffany Haddish will host MTV awards, Rush Hour 4 coming, Stacey Dash running for congress, Ava DuVernay Hollywood Diversity Initiative, Keyshia Cole new boo, police shoot good guy with a gun, Tisha Campbell-Martin divorce, Michelle Obama book deal, teacher might lose job over school shooting video, companies cutting ties with NRA, cops didn’t enter school during shooting, Oprah donates to anti-gun march, charges dropped over NC confederate statues, Black Panther filmed at Tyler Perry studios, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Marci

    My kid and a couple of her friends are planning to participate in the National Walkout on March 14, so I signed them up on the website, which names the school and town, etc. Well surprise, surprise her principal contacted me trying to say that they were not going to allow it basically and that they were going to have an assembly with local law enforcement instead. This is when I realized that I had to help them. I emailed him a scathing response and have designed fliers for the kids to hand out. We’re also going to have some kids over to make signs. It is completely enraging that schools are trying to stop these young people from exercising their free speech! The only reason why these conservatives win at all is because of low voter turnout and they want to suppress a whole new generation of future voters. Well I will not let it happen at least in my small area of influence. This movement, started by teens is an opportunity for activation on a level that my generation (I’m the same age as you guys), never was able to reach. Even if my kid and her friends are the only ones out there, it will be worth it, at least they will know that they did the right thing. Btw the cowardly principal never did email me back.

  2. Coolchic

    Hi Rod and Karen! I listened to you read the Girlfriend Experience 4 times and enjoyed the discussion and your initial different viewpoints. I can close my eyes and see the two metaphorical women- one covered with the wounds of life, looking at a woman who has not been beaten and scarred, wondering how and what made her different from every other woman that she has ever known. It is deep on so many levels. I ordered Nikki Finney’s book of poetry, The World is Round from Amazon. As usual, you have turned me on to something new, as I had never heard of the author before you read her poem.

    The entire podcast was excellent, I started with tears in my eyes listening to the poem, moved to frustration at the lack of gun control while listening to the discussion of trained officers rightfully not wanting to go into a school with a shooter armed with an AR-15 and finally laughing at that horrendous cover song.

    Thank-you so much for all that work you both put in on every podcast. It has truly changed my life. Every time I think that TBGWT has reached the pinnacle of podcasting – you take it to another level.

    Love Coolchic

    • Coolchic

      Correction: Thank-you so much for all of the hard work you both put in on every podcast.

  3. FalconsDiva

    I just got my tee shirt with this show art yesterday. I’m so glad you guys switched to tee public! The style of shirts they offer is so much better than other outlets. I’m planning to wear my t shirt this weekend and I’ll definitely send a picture.

  4. Deason91

    Rod, you were hilarious about profiling white boys. I’ve been thinking we needed that for years. Unfortunely, people don’t want to acknowledge that it’s white boys who are shooting up schools, so we’ll never get that “stay-at-home” initiative. Oh well….

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    5 Stars. After the school shooting at Sandyhook Elementary School…I was over all school shootings. It is so sad that children/teenagers suffer because most adults are chasing dollars and the Second Amendment.

    PS loving the mic logo (Need that on a tee shirt too)!

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