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1627: Black History Meal

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Rod and Karen discuss rappers in the news, Lt. Governor threatens Delta, racist AZ teacher, Taye Diggs, Black History Month meal, white people news, man injects penis with stem cells, butt grabbing man arrested, teacher does a line in front of kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thatTish

    How offended I was by the meal would’ve depended on who was in the kitchen. If all I saw whenever I went through there was white people, I would’ve known it was someone tryna be funny. I would’ve had to hear the black students who ate it talking about how good it was in order to get put my side-eye on hold.

    As for “Black Twitter CSI” I was thinking that Killmonger’s themes from the Black Panther film score would be great for it. I can see some niggas sitting in front of a bunch of computer screens and searching for clues, then the beat dropping when one sees a name tag on a shirt in the background of a picture or sumshit and they all figure the rest of the person’s life out from there.

  2. EvieE

    I know lots of black women, and I’m one myself and none of us care about black men dating white men. I’m sure there are some but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us really don’t. I feel that Taye Diggs’s issues go way deeper than anything a black woman has ever done to him. I knew he was on that bullshit when he talked about black people trying to erase his son’s whiteness. Black people don’t have that power. blame that on the institutionalized racism of this society. Besides, no one told his dusty ass he couldn’t teach his son about both his heritages. It’s really hard to erase whiteness when we as black people are immersed in whiteness from the second we walk out the door every day of our lives. I say that as someone who is raising a child who also has a white parent so it’s really not that deep. As for blaming black women about his current preferences. He can have a stadium full of seats. If he wanted to date white women, have at it. No one is stopping him. It hasn’t stopped OJ, and he murdered one.

    As for that Black history meal, I mean…sounded delicious to me but maybe it was the watermelon water that took it over the top. I don’t know. I would have only complained if the food was unseasoned.

  3. Marci

    Somebody needs to make Black CSI and you guys better get credit! That show would be amazing.
    On that Black History Month meal, I think I can understand why people were mad about it because they didn’t even try to get some black people involved in the planning or preparation…and they lied about it. I mean how good could that food have been if it was some white people trying to make what they thought of as “black” food? It’s like when I see too many white people working at a Chinese restaurant I get a little worried lol.

  4. Trey_Swindu744

    Toot toot ….lmao!!

    Oh my god Rod and Karen that Black Twitter CSI theme song beat is everything, it has me over here cracking the f up! Y’all so damn silly…hahaha

    Wakanda forever,

  5. Turq

    Hi Guys-

    Both Whole Foods in Milwaukee have had greens and black eyed peas in the hot bar each time I have gone last month, along with a varied selection of other Black ass food. As long as it tastes good, I don’t give a damn. Bring me some organic Kool-Aid sweetened with agave nectar and colored with beet juice. But also, they generally tend to have a rotating selection of global food, not just during ethnic events and holidays, so I would not take their actions as malicious… just delicious. I don’t know about NYU though.



  6. reallydarkknight

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    I have a confession…I’m a coon.

    Why? Because when I heard that NYU Black History Month Meal, I was wondering why everybody was upset about that. I’m thinking, no fried chicken? What the fuck!? I was actually listening to this podcast looking around like that kid from the gifs tryna figure out what’s going on. Now the rest of you Negros can protest if you want to, imma refill that Koolaid and go get those ribs you were supposed to have. They can keep that white potato salad tho.

    Pass the cornbread, dawg!

  7. Erika M.

    Rod, I HAD to stop mid-show to leave a comment… my first comment, @ that. There actually are black women, who write black men off, @ the mere sight of them with a white woman… my mother is one of them (she’s in her early 50’s) I’ve spent YEARS trying to convince her otherwise… but, she believes that it’s direct assault/threat on the black family. It was always a topic of discussion amongst friends & family, in the 90’s… & most, shared her sentiment. Just wanted to shed light on this issue.

    • rodimusprime

      We weren’t saying there are literally zero women tho.

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