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1631: R and Brie On The 1’s and 3’s

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Rod and Karen discuss women clothes sizes, LGBTQ news, Billy Corgan, top cop is a racist, some Oscar voters didn’t watch Get Out, taking out the trash, that’s ya’ll man, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dia

    Congrats to Karen for getting down to a size 6-8. When I get back into my size 8 jeans it’s over for you hoes!

    At any rate, I just wear what looks good on me, despite the size. So I have various ranges of clothing and shoe sizes in my closet. I still have a dress from when I was heavier and I just keep getting it tailored to fit me, because I like the dress so much.

    Thanks for another great week of shows.

  2. EvieE

    I was a fan of alternative rock in the nineties and I guess the Smashing Pumpkins fell in that category but Billy Corgan wasn’t shit then. I remember him always saying some outrageous things even back then. I guess he’s gone full blown racist. Despite all his rage, he still looks like a rat in a cage.

  3. JM Mutore

    I give Billy Corgan a 25. If it was any other 90s rock star, I’d probably be more fucked with, but Corgan’s too irrelevant for anyone to take anything he says seriously. Hell, if I hadn’t sold an album in 20 years–and I had just spent the past five years unsuccessfully pushing for a reunion tour with my former bandmates who all hate me now–I’d probably go be racist on live TV too. (But not really.)

  4. bamil73

    The intro to white people news on this episode, the Utah congress people “rapping” about a bill to Fresh Prince, was by far the worst. It was egregious at best. I was offended. I was so offended that I intend to protest the Black Guy Who Tips. I’m not just gonna protest y’all niggas, I ‘m gonna protest in a right wing manner. What I’m going to do is print all the email invoices that I receive from paying for that TBGWT premium, then I’m going to burn them and upload the video.

    On a separate note, the fact that some of those voters didn’t watch Get Out did not surprise me, but that’s not why I didn’t watch the Oscars this year. I have watched the Oscars every year for as long as I can remember. In fact, it’s the only awards show that I consistently watched, because I love movies so much. I love music but the music I love isn’t represented on the grammys enough so I don’t watch. I have a different relationship with movies, so I always carved out 4 hours every year to watch that shit. Then, last year, something magical happened. Moonlight snatched the Best Picture from the jaws of La La Land in the 11th hour. I saw that live and almost bust a nut of joy. I came to a realisation, at that moment, that I will never witness something so joyous again. Not just Moonlight winning, but watching Moonlight roll up, say, this is a hold up, ain’t nuthin funny, stop smiling, be still, don’t nuthin move but the money as they snatch that shit from La La Land. Sigh, memories. Since no one could guarantee that Get Out would do the same to 3 Billboards or Fishes Be Fuckin’ (The Movie), I decided it best to sit the Oscars out for evermore.

    Also, fuck Billy Corgan. He’s the worst. White people always do this false equivalence shit. I completely agree with you on your assessment that they should learn ALL of american history. Warts and all. The same sort of thing happens up here in Canada, where most white Canadians will dismiss racism as an American thing. Nobody wants to talk about the heinous shit that the government was doing to the indigenous population here. We always hear about the trail of tears and slavery, but the Canadian versions were never taught in school. No one talks about the genocide that happened here, or the fact that slaves escaped via the underground railroad to Nova Scotia only to find that slavery was a thing here too. Or that the black community that descended from those slaves was systematically and institutionally discriminated against as well.

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