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PG 137: The Answers

Rod and Justin discuss 7 Seconds, Dirty Money, HRC, Drug Lords, TheChi, Atlanta, Black Lightning, LHHMIA, Stevie J going to jail, Marlon Wayans’ stand up and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Mink Slide,

    Justin I’m not sure if you finished Married to Medicine but the season finale was a week or so ago and the reunion is coming. The second to last episode had all the couples gather for some kind of ancestry party. They wore African themed clothes and debuted the results of their racial backgrounds. During the dinner the ladies got into an argument and Dr. Eugene stood up and said they were acting like “niggas”. Later in the night he apologized. Heavenly (the most nigga-est of them all) got mad as hell and walked out. Dr. Contessa was so mad she bought a book to give to Eugene about the word “nigger”. Y’all know this topic is going to be discussed on Bravo Tv in front of Andy. I find it funny as hell because since listening to Rod and Karen for years now I be saying “nigga” way more often. I also don’t see the danger in the word when compared to actual polices and laws that hold black folks down. Also let’s be for real, Eugene is married to Toya who looks like she called someone a nigga 40 minutes ago.

    Rod I was going to ask about that passport and brunch beef but my world got shook with that breakfast club interview. The light skin world went through it yesterday. I loved the display of feelings from Envy still being salter after that apology and Mero still wanting to fight after the apology. We are not a monolith we just be in our feelings.

    Great shows as always, everybody have a great weekend.



  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    Like you, I am loving Black Lightning (they better find a way to get my girl Jilly from Philly to come back) and the return of Atlanta. I was wondering if you watch that new Hap and Leonard, it was excellent and hard to watch at the same time, they really are going there with race, racism and violence this season. Also, I’ve been seeing clips highlighting the return of Claws and I can’t wait, I love Niecy Nash and the crew so much.

    Keep up the good work, I love PG and BDS.

  3. Darienfoxx

    What’s up, y’all! I’m loving Black Lightning for all the reasons you mentioned. Here’s one more reason: whenever Jeff does his “Black Lightning Voice”, he gets mad thug. Especially when he’s on the phone. Gotta love a code-switching hero.

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