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BDS 247: Throwing Soup

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Mark Cuban, Odell Beckham wants the dough, Will Parks, Dante Fowler, Branden Albert, Trump didn’t help UCLA players in China, Webber and Thomas on NCAA, Kobe wins an Oscar during #MeToo, JR Smith threw soup, Bell franchise tagged, Alvarez ate some bad meat, ESPN lawsuit, MJ and Cuban makes Forbes’ list, Kerr, Kawhi extension talks with Jordan, Penny coaching, Aldon Smith, Dolphins owner on the flag protests, Texans, Love and Derozan on mental health, Woody Durham dies, refs retire, Peyton in the booth, AI interview, Dallas Mavs details surface and Johnny Manziel living life.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and D-Jay Envy,

    I hope all is well.

    Rest in peace to Jusuf Nurkic, who will be memorialized on that poster LeBron put him up on. Goddamn! LeBron was balling so hard I almost don’t care about the ball movement issues or that King James is showing the tiniest bit of age. Not that it matters since Portland isn’t in the East, but still.

    Shouts out to the Lakers for beating the Cavs, by the way. It was adorable seeing they let that bald Like Mike fan play for the Lakers and shoot all those shots. Even if he ain’t tall enough to ride any roller coasters, maybe if he eats enough vegetables he’ll be tall enough to eye level to LeBron’s chest.

    Wait, that was a grown man? Are we sure IT ain’t just a case of God having ADHD and rush creating him? IT was out here talking loud shit for a bench player, especially one whose crowning career achievement was Boston playing him a tribute video (which is meaningless cuz they’ve done that for that bum ass, do nothing nigga Paul Pierce). And now he out here trying to start shit with grown folks like Julius Randall? Justin, what’s up with ya half-a-man and the Lakers?

    Browns going to the playoffs this year, y’all! Calling it now!

    Have a great show and day y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Joger Mason Jr.

    Who knew I would suddenly care about the Big 3 news in 2018? This nigga out here scamming with Qatar? He on that Jared Kushner plan! How much was that league bringing in that he’s stealing millions as the commissioner? No wonder Fidel Goodell gets paid so much, they’re trying to make sure he’s not skimming off the top too. But look at Mason come back and start throwing the soup and saying Cube letting these white folks call players niggas. We getting spicy!

    Speaking of spicy, this 8-year senior Ted Cruz face ass nigga Grayson Allen trying to hip check people like he’s playing hockey. If nobody did yet, gotta nominate him and Baker Mayfield for the ITWAN Balls of the year. I don’t think anyone else has a leg to stand on, or am I just tripping?

    And shout out to Mike and Jemele for keeping their integrity over everything. Alright y’all great show as always, appreciate both of you.

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