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1643: Hillary Jesse Rafael

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    I was waiting for Michonne to mush Enid in the face. Because it says, you’re not worth the slap. Enid caught one body and now she’s big and bad. Eating a turtle don’t mean shit. She’s on my list of people who can die this season.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    ***** Stars!
    Negan and Rick…..Glorious! Negan calling out Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzza!
    Maggie is low key could be the next Governor!
    Simon and Dwight playing cat and mouse…So Good.
    Enid tried it with Michonne!
    Jadis with Negan….Yess Gawd!
    Georgie….child the title of this review says it all!

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