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PG 139: The Chi Hot Take

Rod and Justin discuss apartment stuff, pick up basketball, listener feedback, The Chi, how black people view representation and Love and Hip Hop.



  1. rodimusprime

    One thing I’ve learned from the TBGWT network is I have to allow room for my friends to have different opinions. I keep good people around me, so we agree on the big things like equality, trust, and loyalty. But for anything else, I’ve gotta allow my friends to have differences of opinion, without urging them to reconsider. So thank you for that. Love the show like always!


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J-Ingraham

    Your story last week about Dre Bly playing ball with yall at the Y had me crying. Why do people from tidewater VA aka the 757 move down there and act up. First yall told us about Bang Bang, then the Allen Iverson interview during the Hornets game. He was high as fuck during the interview and said he moved down there. Finally Dre Bly crazy self and his crew moved down there. I’ve worked with him a lil bit and with his family more and needless to say none of them are wrapped to tight. Good Luck fellas with the lunch run.


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I hope all is good with y’all!

    Outta curiousity, how tall is Chase? He just sounds like he’s short, like Holt from the Cleveland Show.

    Also, did y’all see Atlanta last week? If so, do y’all think that convo between Van and the baretender was flirting? They asked each other how they were doing and how each of them got their German outfits; Van bought hers and bartender made his (I took German in high school, can’t believe I understood all that). Van deserves better than Ern. Also, shouts out to Van for telling off her Stacy Dash-esque friend for that foul antiblackness.

    Is Ern a Can’t Get Right All Star? I mean, beyond being an asshole?

    Have a good one y’all, peace!

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Bibby! I hope you guys have been well. I hate that I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you when I came to Charlotte for that wedding last weekend. I ended up being busier than I anticipated considering I was just supposed to be attending the wedding. Anyway, the last 2 episodes of Atlanta have been so good. I’ve been Van dealing with a nigga like Earn. It was a tough watch the first time, but when I watched it the second time I really enjoyed it. And the barber episode was hilarious! Since I have to go to the barbershop now, being the bald headed heffa that I am, I’ve definitely seen barbers like Bibby. And, I understand why Paper Boi put up with that foolishness. It’s haaaaaaaard to find a barber you connect with. Now, luckily I’ve never had a barber as trifling as Bibby, but it took me several bad haircuts to find a good one. And that hating ass article on whatever that website was annoyed me so much. If people haven’t figured out that Atlanta is not like other shows then they shouldnt still be watching it. Lol anyway, I’ve rambled long enough. Smooches!

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