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BDS 249: Milton Bradley Go Directly To Jail

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Nike president resigns, ex-Mavs employee blames Mark Cuban, Panthers bidding up to 2.5 billion, Kaep pops up on Bob McNair, Aaron Hernandez was gay, Case Keenum, Isaiah Thomas, Danry Vasquez beat a woman on camera, Glen Davis slanging, Tyron Lue mental health break, Zay Jones, Jimmy Butler plans to return, Chief wahoo, Deion Sanders talking shit, Lorenzen Wright wife won’t face death penalty, CBS showing kids crying, Jonathan Martin turns himself in, Jontay Porter, Hawks accused of discriminating against white people, Manziel pro day, Milton Bradley, Iggy burned Nick’s clothes, trades could be taxed, Big 3 hire first pro basketball female coach, Steve Francis drunk again, Big East 2 and done idea, Gotsis charged with rape and the NFL draft coverage.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jevin Durant,

    I meant to email Balls Deep Sports awhile ago talking about athletes doing the Wakanda Forever salute around the world and How dope it is. I felt like the time had passed but then watching the Womens NCAA Basketball Tournament last night the FINE Notre Dame assistant Coach Niele Ivey did the salute. Fuck all those people without emotions that cannot understand why people would get attached and emotional about the movie. I know most people didn’t watch the womens final four but both games were classics and UConn lost because they didn’t have any Wakandan soul power on there coaching staff.

    Finally I’m with the NBA refs.I know you heard about Kevin Durant calling a ref a bitch ass motherfucker. I would throw you out of the game too. The refs can’t talk to the players like that, the only thing they can do is make a call or no call fouls. If you want the refs on your side, maybe treat them like humans who don’t want to be talked to like that on there job. Have a great show.



  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Queen Karen and Run The Jools,

    I hope all is well.

    Shouts out to Loyola-Chicago for making it to the Final Four! Given my proximity to the school, I was really looking forward to seeing them beat Michigan tonight, because fuck Michigan all day, every day, every sport. Hell, 98 year old nun and Loyola super fan Sister Jean had even been elevated to an adorable mascot for the school! But I knew better than to trust a nigh-centurion who loves a college sport.

    And when Sister Jean said God loves the NCAA more cuz “these young players play with their heart and not for financial gain”, I’m not gonna feel bad when folks are asking where God went when Michigan wins by like a smooth 30.

    Speaking of god and the NCAA, do y’all think the NCAA is gonna pray that McDonalds All American going to the G League instead of college doesn’t kick off a trend? Cuz when play zone defense like a coward and get no farther than the Elite Eight for free when you can get yammed on by grown ass men for a check?

    Oh and as an aside with the NCAA: I hope the good lord doesn’t protect a single ACL, MCL or PCL on Virginia Tech’s women’s lacrosse team and hope that Chris Brown falls backwards into freeway traffic.

    Have those naps cut off circulation to his brain or what? What the fuck is wrong with Kevin Durant’s preying matis ass to think he can be cussing in a ref’s face like that?! Who the fuck does he think he is?

    Shouts out to Marquette King, the *athletic* punter in Oakland. He got unceremoniously cut from the team by Gruden to send a “message”. Y’all think he’s gonna turn back into his old asshole self?

    Have a great weekend y’all! Peace!

  3. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod, Karen and Sister J. I’ve been waiting for that charming old white lady to have a racist past or something. We haven’t gotten that, but her whole NCAA is better because they don’t play for financial gain. *side eye* This is the time of the year that I have to remind people that it only looks like college players care more because they aren’t as good. I hate the narrative that NBA players don’t try and don’t care. They’re so good it looks effortless. Those college kids aren’t as good so of course it looks like they’re trying harder. I think all of that shit stems from resentment and jealousy that NBA niggas make so much money. They really only care about the ones they can keep broke. Fuck outta here, sister Jean. Smooches!

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Janelo Alvarez, and Queen Karen

    Canelo got caught for steroids AGAIN?! How do you get away with blaming it on bad meat and then fail another test? Nigga you didn’t think you were gonna get tested after you just failed? He was feeling himself like Chase after he gets Justin to dap him up.

    And Rod has been saying it for a while, but the best hope to beat the Warriors is stay close and hope for an injury. This Steph shit gotta have Kerr rethinking about a sudden back injury for the playoffs. Durant letting that Black rage get to him and even Draymond is hobbled. But you know who’s fault it’s not? Klay.

    But the biggest story that’s not really getting talked about this week is a McDonald’s All-American skipping Syracuse to play in the G-League. This is what I’ve been waiting for! And y’all talked about it when Lavar pitched his league, but if they can build up the league this way with the sponsorship money they can put into it this is already a better minor league than having kids forced to work on the plantation in college.

    Alright great show as always, have a great weekend

  5. chubbzero

    What up queen Karen. Rod and jaura jingrahm. Man I just want ya’ll to speak on them dookies flaming out against Kansas. I loved it. Almost more than black panther. And is it just me or ya’ll tired of dook fans using the excuse they were young that’s why they lost in the elite 8? I listen to another podcast [I ain’t go say no names] where one guy is a unc fan and the other guy is die hard dook. Earlier in the season when asked about dook his only reply was, “we better than everybody, we gone win it all”. Yeah…ok. do ya’ll think the season was a failure for dook? They should have at least made it to the final 4 with all that talent

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