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SMR 177: Hurricane Heist

Rod and Russell Hainline from The Long and Late Movie Show podcast discuss the disaster flick Hurricane Heist.

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  1. Selester63

    I didn’t get a chance to see this movie in the theater but Rod and Russell Hainline were having such a good time doing this SMR when it finally came on Netflix I had to check it out. Then I re-listened to the review and cracked up laughing all over again. Great job.


    I had such a blast watching this shitty movie. Not only is it taken way too seriously, the fact that things happen in the fashion that they do, makes it even more of an enjoyable watch. Somebody died via hubcaps, bruh. Fucking hubcaps. Not a gunshot, knife or electrocution. A damn hubcap, thanks, to the Skullcane! Honestly, I can’t wait for it to come to VOD or blu-ray, so I can basket at this crazy movie. Also, damn did Maggie Grace & Toby Kebbell fall off. Nearly three years ago, those two were in two high-profile films (Taken 3 & F4, with the ladder having less success) & now, they’re in this mess. Gotta cash those checks, I guess. Shout-out to Russell being on the show with you Rod. Big fan of his on Long & Late Movie Podcast.

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