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1648: Hungry Hungry Tobin

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone…part of me is legitimately impressed. Those photos were A+ flossing and his audacity was at high caucasity levels. But I still have financial aid PTSD, so fuck that nigga forever. I went to a PWI for undergrad and graduate and I’m still paying off my loans. Somehow I thought HBCUs would fare better for black folks and I’m really sad that people would scam financial aid from your own peeps when post secondary education is so fucking unattainable.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      P.S. I first saw Tyrone’s instagraM feed on Desus and Mero. When they said that the pics were obtained before he pulled his accounts, I jumped up and shouted at my honey “BLACK TWITTER CSI ON THE CASE.” BT: CSI needs to have a reality show.

  2. EvieE

    I’m still trying to figure out how the hell everyone could sleep so deeply in the Z poc. A whole ass Zombie came tumbling down the stairs and they were still asleep. Where they do that at? Even until the very end, Tobin tried to get piece of Carol’s cakes. RIP Tobin.

    And Henry, I was rooting for him. Now I hope the writers give him the Sophia treatment and he’s walker hiding somewhere in a barn. Not since Sam has a little kid on this show needed to go. Eat shit you little bastard.

  3. KRW

    I remember being at HU several years ago and how stressful the whole financial aid process was. I can just imagine how unhelpful the admin was for any student this situation may have effected. Fuck this dude forever.

  4. Fyahworks

    Hey guys, work prevented me from writing in for the recap, so I’ll do it here!

    I would like to hear y’all thoughts on the following:

    1) which mama would give henry the best ass whooping when they find out he is the reason the saviors got away?? Carol, michonne, or Maggie?

    2) where in the world is baby Gracie?

    3) why you think Gavin was in white clothing as a ghost? Not like he was going to heaven!!

    4) will we ever find out about the key card with the PPP that was found near Oceanside last season?

    5) lastly, when the smoke clears, and the war is over, so you guys think Negan will die? Or be captured and made a prisoner? Everyone wants him dead, but in the comics I believe he is made a prisoner, but we do know the show strays away from the comic which makes it great!

    Love the recaps

    Wakanda and tbgwt forever!!!

    • Turq

      They should Jerry {everybody’s favorite play uncle} holding Gracie while Maggie was looking over the balcony. 🙂

  5. Ms. Smart

    The Howard story is huge. Thing is, they did everything they were supposed to do legally but ain’t tell the community. We are pissed! Every semester, we donate to the school so kids who owe can graduate and this man was out here white-color-crimping. Part of me is proud, I ain’t gonna lie. He committed a white ass crime and isn’t in jail? Word to Obama!

    People say someone should have noticed how fancy he was. But, when I was there, people did casually stroll into class wearing furs. There are some legit rich kids at HU so he probably didn’t stand out THAT much.

    • Coqui

      Having been a scholarship student who had to fight the fight at financial aid *every* semester, I could beat the entire Howard financial aid staff with my good shoes. I’ve lost students due to aid not coming through. and they stole $1M?
      Oh…you don’t know. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I no longer have access to my pathogenic bacterial stocks.

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