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BDS 250: Marvin Secure The Bagley

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Durant ejections, Va Tech racist women’s lacrosse team, Tony Romo nominated for Emmy, Dame Lillard’s brother shot, Mark Cuban accused of racist environment, Tiger back, Manziel selling jerseys, OBJ wanna get paid, Kendra getting a divorce, GA equipment manager perv, Bob McNair defends Jerry Richardson, Kings to partner with BLM, Evan Mathis sells baseball card, Danny Amendola breaks up with super model, Aldon Smith arrested again, Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Embiid needs surgery on face, IT out 4 months with hip, OBJ sued, Trevone Boykin accused of domestic violence, Albert Belle arrested, Micheal Bennett, NCAA on players skipping college, Duron Harmon busted, Pop woke and White Sox groundskeeper story.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod Jonner McGregor,

    See I was told by Apple Care that this was the year LeBron doesn’t make it back to the Finals. That the East finally had a challenger to King James’ reign. Folks put their faith in a man so simple minded he thinks the Earth is flat. Kryie might the Earth flat, but guess even Kyrie knows is round? The nunber 0, which is the number of playoff games Kyrie is gonna be in.

    It’s a shame too, cuz now Boston fans will never know the frustration of watching Kyrie’s signature “Dribble Dribble Dribble Dribble Dribble BRICK” technique while he shuffles his feets. How did folks believe in Boston?

    Ny nephew is 7 years old. I asked mybsister if he still believed in Santa and she said he had figured out Santa was fictional a while ago. If a 7 year old can figure out that Santa ain’t real, when will whole grown adults realize Kyle Lowry in the playoffs ain’t real? They still make niggas that believe in Kyle Lowry, which is amazing to me. Playoff Kyle Lowry is more useless than a paper mache rain coat in a hurricane. Is this y’all #1 seed?! Naw, the Cavs are your number one seed!

    Have a great weekend yall, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jyle Lowry

    Don’t bother looking it up, he didn’t do anything to fuck up yet. But the playoffs are almost here and I’m just getting warmed up. And with this Kyrie injury all 27 Raptors fans have been talking cash shit that they’re getting disrespected as the #1 seed like they’re not the Toronto Raptors. Nigga this is all the respect you deserve!

    Meanwhile Embiid, Kyrie, Kawhii and Steph are all hurt conspicuously close to the playoffs. Now I’m not saying Chris Balls needs to watch out, but if Lebron sends him a voodoo doll next week I wouldn’t joke about it. You know he’s not worried about Canadian bacon stopping him in the east like we forgot who their point guard is.

    Him fucking up when it matters most is almost as predictable as Bob McNair saying some racist shit. At this rate I’m just surprised he hasn’t tried to make his model of aryan perfection JJ Watt into the quarterback yet. Between him, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban they’ve got a good race going to see who’s gonna fuck up next.

    And why didn’t y’all tell us you were on the Master’s committee? They’re kicking people out for saying that dumb ass Dilly Dilly shit this week. Tiger comes back and they finally gotta hire some Black people who ain’t having it. Alright y’all peace

    P.S. You know you my dawg JFull, but Duke gonna get these jokes and you know why!

  3. J-Full

    This Duke segment is WAY off base. Niggas are forgetting we won a title in 2015 and ready to put Coach K out to pasture. And the Duke players struggling in the NBA is not true at all! Yall were just gassing Justise Winslow not too long ago. Jabari Parker was balling out before he got injured. Rodney Hood? Brandon Ingram??? Really the only player that flopped is Okafor. The rest of the Duke stable stays on a roster. Seriously, who the hell thought Lance freaking Thomas would still be in the league 10 years later?? Hansbrough, the college player of the year is playing in China. Let’s not even mention the Flat Earther

    The reason we lost this year is Grayson Allen. He took that “senior” shit to his head. Down the stretch in tight games Grayson tried to take over and he’s not that good to be doing that. If I were to fault Coach K for coaching, THAT is where he falls short. He doesn’t rein in his upperclassmen white boys.

    OMG Rod literally as i’m typing this used the same logic to defend Carolina that he used to shit on Duke. “Everybody knows if you win, you get a year off”. Nobody cuts Duke those kind of breaks. Anything short of a championship, niggas call it an abject failure for our program. We lost in OT to a 1 seed in the regional final, yall are trippin’.

    Lastly, Duke fans are so loud because literally EVERYWHERE you go, our team is hated. For no good reason. For anybody under 40 we’re the best basketball program they’ve ever known. But all niggas do is rejoice when we lose but then get mad at us for talking shit when we win. Niggas whose squads ain’t ever sniffed a final four, let alone 5 titles try to come for our neck. The shit is ridiculous.

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