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1661: Sitting While Black

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Rod and Karen discuss more Starbucks stuff, Bey giving to HBCU’s, Homeland security wants to monitor journalists and influencers, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven suing, Billionaire donates to high school, white candidate is down with the blacks, black Parkland students, Captain Dickhead arrested, MD woman stole guns from parents, dental hygienist kissed patient and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    The manager who called the police on those black guys in Philly definitely lied on those men. It’s now come out that she has been promblematic toward her black employees. But what happened at Starbucks isn’t a starbucks problem but a racism problem. The same thing happened in another starbucks days later in California. And just recently, two black guys had the police called on them in LA Fitness and they were gym members. When the police showed up even the police didn’t understand why they were being kicked out. How racist do you have to be that you even confused the police?

    And the sad thing is, I don’t know what the solution is to stop this from happening again. At least Starbucks is trying.

  2. Amani

    I know folks are mad, but I’m willing to hear this Popeye’s Democrat out. His Cajun Sparkle policy is the kind of groundbreaking stance I want liberals to support.

    And Rod, that Thanagar tank was a good one. Doing the Hawk people proud.

  3. Peaches749

    I feel that the police did not have to arrest those two men except, UNLESS the manager lied. Either on the initial call to the police or when the police got there. However we def. did not get the whole story. And I think we will see a lot more situations where racists get called out and held responsible for their racist ways. I think that this summer is gonna be full up with black people, fed up with a lot of micro-aggressive bullshit, AND Allies whose eyes have been opened. Because alot of the ish we deal with is new to them, I think the Allies gonna go through it in ways they never imagined. They are gonna be tested.

  4. J-Full

    I was reflecting on this episode while listening to Randolph on The Woke Files and had an epiphany. This Starbucks situation is exactly why I hate going to places i’m not familiar with. I used to think it was a fear of being “lost” but in the smartphone era that’s never really an issue. It’s that fear of “not belonging” and having to deal with some extra bullshit as a result.

    Yesterday I went to a healthy lunch spot in a nearby office park and I wasn’t sure how the salad bar worked. First I walked around to see what the options were and then went to find a container to make my salad. As i’m doing this stuff I notice two employees basically staring down my every move. One dude went so far as to do the fake mopping! After I finish making my salad I was looking around for the checkout. I saw one of those fruit weigh baskets so I thought that might be where I should go. It’s in the direction of the door but not BY the door. All of a sudden fake mopping white man cuts off my path offering to “help”. Luckily, i actually did need help finding the register in their crowded ass store; but it definitely made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Nothing annoys me more than being treated like I’d steal something in a place I can easily afford!

    Lastly, I feel you on wearing whatever you want when you go places. As you know from BDS I love golf. And courses have dress codes. Usually I’ll abide by the dress code because I love golf more than I care about people tripping on if I have on basketball shorts. But I always think about Bomani’s story about buying a Rolex while wearing hooping shorts, a t-shirt, and slides. And how some of the employees missed out on a hefty commission because of their bias. I don’t have Bomani’s confidence (seriously, who does?) but I try to remember that story whenever I’m feeling self-conscious about being under-dressed. I always want to look neat and clean, but no matter where I go, I want people to treat me like my money is as green as everybody else’s.

  5. sakurapendragon

    The only one who should have been arrested is the manager who made a false report that had 6 cops come to the store

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