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BDS 253: Shelden Williams, The Ugly Faced God!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, the NBA play-offs, Shelden Williams secures the bag, Stephen A respectable on Kaep, Knicks coaching search, Lebron, Big Baby Davis, Thursday Night Football, True Thompson, Tony Stewart, NFL cheerleaders, Paige VanZant talks about sexual assault, McKayla Maroney, Adidas would sign Kaep, fine QB’s for hits, Aaron Rodgers mad, Lamar Odom comeback, DeAndre Hopkins vouches for Bob McNair, Brett Favre in the booth, Lebron sued, Deondre Francois, Daryl Worley, NBA owner mad about coach winning, Erin Popovich passes, Doug Adler can’t get a job, Matt Mantel arrested, Bowen to NBA, Brady wants new contract, G-league salary increase and Keenan does it again.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jay-ye West?

    I guess it would have been too much to ask for a Toronto team to sweep a playoff opponent. Should the Raptors somehow lose game 6 tonight, the Scorpion Curse (naming it after Drake’s next album) is in full effect.

    Anyway my agenda is now reduced to my usual ABC approach; Anybody But Cleveland. It’s commendable that LeBron is carrying a gang of corpses the way he is.

    My question for y’all is — do you care about this year’s NFL draft? I think with the expanded coverage I reached my tipping point. Instead of watching the first round yesterday, I saw Infinity War. Instead of watching night 2 of the draft, I’ll be at an Erykah Badu concert.

    That’s it for me, here’s to hoping Toronto gets tired of Lowry and tries to leverage a Lowry for Dame Lillard trade in the offseason.


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jance Stephens,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    I was told by Apple Care that LeBron James ain’t clutch. What is more clutch than screaming “Gimme the ball!”, getting an inbound pass and hitting the game winning shot? Why hit a 3 when you only need 2 to win? Because that’s what you do when you are the GOAT. King Godbody James said it was time to go home and he DEED that shit! King James bodied the Pacers to remind the rest of these monkey ass niggas that the Easy belongs to *him*! Shouts out to Orlando for reminding me I needed to talk all my shit to my heretic Jordan worshipping coworkers.

    Shouts out to America’s uncle and the reverend of the First Church of LeBron James Shannon Sharpe for trying to preach the good word to Skip Bayless. I half expected him to show up on set in a linen suit, wave cap and 3 milds in his mouth after game 5.

    You were spot on last week in describing Lance Stephenson, Rod. Only Lance could have the au-fucking-dacity to greco-roman wrestle Green to the ground and then look at the ref confused, like D Wade wondering why Shovahn kept getting mad when he’d come home with a new “nephew” every week. And you were also correct, Rod, in saying that if Bobby Brown and Ron Artest were combined, it’d create Lance Stephenson.

    Did y’all see that Portland-New Orleans series wrap up? Trail Blazer fans should be sending Jrue Holiday thank you cards for showing them what a real guard plays like. Bless Dame’s heart, he was out there getting battered and deep fried by Jrue!

    Has Carmelo bought LaLa that building yet? He must have plenty of free time to research properties since he ain’t spending his time playing basketball. How did Carmelo’s game and body age worse than Kellyanne Conway’s face?

    Justin, when the Lakers starting 5 consists of all 3 Ball Brothers, Paul George and Brandon Ingram, how far will you throw your hands up?

    Being a Browns fan sometimes feels harder to explain than being a Kanye fan. Sure, Kanye might be a contrarian coon and Chicago niggas took the mightiest L this week, but at least Kanye’s old music still slaps. Draft Day might as well be Annual Browns Fuck Up Day. My hands went through my ceiling when the Browns selected Baker Mayfield. Mayfield won a Heisman trophy putting up videogame stats in an offense that didn’t ask him to do much…just like Johnny ITWAN. Mayfield also got arrested in college for a drunken brawl… just like Johnny ITWAN. Did Jimmy Haslam consult the a homeless person again for draft selections? Conversely, the Ravens selected my nigga Lamar Jackson which means Ballercakes Flacco is gonna be out a job soon enough. The Ravens really are the Reverse Browns.

    Congrats to the Bills on drafting Josh “If It Ain’t White, It Ain’t Right” Allen and completing their MAGA Makeover! One of the NFL TV dudes really tried to turn Allen into the victim in the story about his racist tweets *on live TV*. Nigga, won’t whiteness work?

    Sorry for the length of this. Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J Lillard

    At least Dame has more time for his rap career now. And I have to imagine he’ll have a new market better suited than Portland. You gotta break up that team now right? My man got swept putting up Kyle Lowry numbers while CJ showed everybody whose team it really is. Meanwhile that boy Anthony Davis is a PROBLEM!

    And how mad do you think Lebron was after he bought all those bums matching suits and they go out and lose? I would have told the team bus to just leave without them after some shit like that. And I still really don’t know if the Pacers are good or this is just the worst team Lebron’s ever been around. But you know who’s fault it’s not? Kevin Love. He made sure to hit that corner 3 to keep it close and do just enough to stay on Lebron’s good side before that buzzer beater from the Kang.

    And how sad is it when we heard the news about Derek Fisher and Gloria, everybody had the same vision of Matt Barnes trying to pull a Dwayne Wayne at the wedding? Somebody needs to go sit that nigga down. Alright y’all appreciate the show as always.

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