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TTM 35: Woods

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss FX’s “Atlanta.”

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey for giving your review on another episode of Atlanta! Don’t worry I know you two aren’t reviewing the rest of the season…lol.


    This was a very awesome,surreal acted episode from Bryan Tyree Henry and it was an inevitable episode for his character as well. The writing was always on the wall for Earn being Al’s manager. But at the same time I have a sneaking suspicion that Al going with Clark County’s manager might backfire as well. Because Al might say he’s all in but his actions still say otherwise,which leads me into……

    “North of the Border”
    I whole heartedly agree with Earn’s firing but I still feel he was trying for Al .
    Yes Earn was wrong as hell for agreeing to all that crazy shit at the start of this episode but at the same time Al could have told him no too. Once he heard all that nonsense about staying with the fan who really was some random ass girl with 300 or something followers-lightbulb should have went off..lol.

    Another thing -Tracy is out of his fucking mind !..lol

    I wonder what was on Earn’s laptop?

    I do agree Clark County might be a plant..lol(in Darius I trust and listen…lol)

    The parallels between the three main characters (al, Earn and Darius) and al’s mom,earn’s mom and uncle willie(katt) are very interesting they definitely foreshadowed what we are seeing now. That reminds me I need to rewatch the Alligator man episode because didn’t katt williams say they were managed in a group by their uncle or something too????

    Anyways thanks again Rod and Bassey ,love the conversation and show!


  2. Carolyn

    I’m so glad that you recapped this episode. I found it so disturbing. The thought that people who know your music and I supposed they could be considered “fans” would violently rob you! The random violence was shocking to me.

    I think Ern’s days as a manager are numbered.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Thank you for your in-depth review of this episode. I love the way y’all breakdown the episodes and always seem to bring it full circle to real life experiences and situations. A couple additional things I noticed about this episode.

    1) I feel like this episode is loosely based off of the Kanye West song, Lost In the World off of the Twisted Dark Fantasy album. The beginning of the song talks about being “lost in the woods and being down on the mind”. Which mimics Alfred in this space being lost in the woods and his mind is filled with depression.

    2) In the beginning of the episode while Alfred is dreaming about his mom, the room is bright and it looks like he is smirking at the fact that his mom is nagging him about his messy room. When the humming fads into the cellphone vibrating, the room also fads to dark as the blinds gradually close. Pointing again to his depression.

    3) Last to make a comparison to This Is Us, Kevin has a breakdown and no one notices the same way people do not notice Alfred’s depression or that he has blood and dirt all over his face. Again it just reminds us that celebrities are still human, still deal with grief and depression. We (non-celebs) have this idea that celebrities have nothing to be depressed about because they are rich and famous and that is presented as the ultimate goal in our society.

    Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts.

    Thanks for what you do,
    Remy Lalim

  4. Blind Mellow Jelly

    Hi Rod & Bassey. Thanks for reviewing this episode of “Atlanta”. This season has completely lived up to my expectations from last season. I have a couple of questions from this episode that I hope you can clear up.
    1. Why were the windows in Sierra’s SUV so nasty? Both the drivers & passenger side looked like someone had smeared something all over them.

    2. When Alfred came out of the woods, I thought I heard crying. Also, was Alfred still wearing his blue Nike’s? It looked like he had different shoes on. Or maybe they just got dirty from walking around in the woods.

    Anyway, love the show and keep up the good work

  5. JorjaMae

    Rod and Bassey, thank you for “not reviewing” reviewing this show (ha!). It’s comforting to have a source to review the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions the show sends you through. Also, to me, this season has exposed more than ever the resource gap of major film review publications who have not invested in black writers who would be capable and eager to analyze and review the genius of this show from a black perspective. I just hope that this new renaissance in black entertainment also works out for black creatives on the other side of the coin.
    By the way, I was just going to ask if you heard, and how much I loved that Stephanie Robinson wrote this episode as well as Barbershop, just as I heard you say it. YAASSS. I felt her in my spirit, and I have no idea how she didn’t get to do Zazie’s episode. I wanted to hit pause for a minute or two after I learned from your last review who directed “Champagne Papi”. But after I accidentally stumbled upon an interview of Brian Tyree Henry this week, I was ready to watch again. And I realized again just how much the talent and genius of the show extends beyond the possible personal pettiness of some of its creators. That’s amazing….Also, y’all stay spoiling stuff on Pre-game.

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