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1665: Fake It Till You Break It

Rod and Karen discuss Universal Fan Con, the whole faking it until you make it culture, R Kelly gets dropped by his people, MAGA hat subway pusher, 911 operator sentenced for hanging up on calls, drunk Applebees mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I was an original backer for FanCon and planned to attend this weekend because I love going to cons and I believed in their vision for an inclusive space for marginalized people. I retweeted posts to spread the word about this con and I got excited as more things were announced.
    Now, I’m not out a lot of money like some of the people who were intending to go. I am a two hour drive from Baltimore and I planned on staying with a friend. My tickets were basically since I was an original backer. That being said, it still doesn’t lessen the frustration over this situation when it seems like people knew they were in financial staights long before they announced it.

    It sounds like they got in over their heads and didn’t have the heart to admit it. It also sounds like it was mismanaged due to gross incompetence. Either way, that’s fucked up, especially their flippant q and a response. Everyone wanted to be a co founded but no one knew who handled the finances. Either you’re a liar or you’re stupid, neither is a good look.

    All that being said a lot of people had hot takes on this situation. One I take issue with is a podcast I listened to where the guy blamed it on the fans. His exact words were “that’s the problem with black people, they expect too much” Nigga, we only expected what was promised! Fuck out of here with that bullshit. Don’t blame the fans who supported this from the beginning.

    And the fucked up part about that is those same black people would have come out of their pockets again if we were made aware FanCon was having financial difficulties.

    I doubt FanCon will be held at a later date. Too much trust has been broken. Who would even want to attend?

  2. GothicIntellect

    Hey guys, just wanted to expand on a point you made this episode. Another podcast I listen to (boring white guys talking about finance ) where they spoke about investment. Everyone thinks of investment as stocks and bonds, when any resource can be an investment. Using your example, speaking at comventions without pay is investing your time or paying your dues to put you in a better position in the future. At the next convention, the organizers could recognize you or appreciate your effort so they promote you more or keep you in mind to get a paycheck at the next event. Just by being there, a network opportunity could turn into a work opportunity. Essentially, it’s the difference between a rich mindset vs a poor mindset. Poor minded people waste extra resources to have fun while rich minded people will invest it to create a better future. Sorry for the long comment but this is an important concept that a lot of people miss. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for your work and representation!

  3. JorjaMae

    Hearing this R Kelly news off the heels of that Smallville actress actually being arrested and charged for “sex trafficking” (i.e. everything R Kelly has also done here in the US but to white women” has me irate. So now he’s not worth defending after all this time?… I didn’t even know you could be charged for manipulating adult women into having sex- I thought R Kelly’s existence had debunked that notion. I hate our justice system; I really do.

  4. Erika M.

    You all’s discussion on black people learning, or not wanting to learn, our history was so on point. When the Black History episode of Blackish aired, my husband rushed to change the channel, for fear that our 7 year old son would see it. I cringed. But, quickly regrouped, & asked my husband why we should hide or be ashamed of the truth. & we’re in Texas; I know y’all have heard all the horrible stories about how Texas loves to change textbooks. It’s really sad that we have to “unteach” our children, by providing the truth that should be told in our schools.

    • Erika M.

      Ooops, this was meant for episode 1664!

  5. grapecranberry

    Might have to run a correction on Guess the Race! A Facebook friend pointed out that the guy who pushed someone onto the train tracks could be a white guy in blackface. Look closely at that picture!

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