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#Walking FTWD: Season 4: 02 Another Day At The Diamond

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,
    This was another good episode. I like that this season is going to be a series of flashbacks mixed in with current action. Nick went from covering himself with blood & guts and being the zombie whisperer to having PSTD. I didn’t see the swerve with the little girl coming and like Karen said I wonder if the vultures kidnapped Madison, maybe that’s why our crew is looking for them. It’s going to be interesting. Peace.

  2. corgdyceps

    Hey Rod and Karen,
    (I pronounce my username corg-dee-seps, but its just made up so don’t stress 🙂 )
    Want to start with, thanks for the recaps. I had to go off premium for a few months, and so glad I could re-up in time for ftwd. Plus I have a sudden backlog of the premium content to listen to.
    So I have a speculation on how the vultures work, I picked up watching the second time. I can’t remember how you feel about speculation vs. spoilers, but it was something that stood out to me, and I’m cool if you stop reading here.

    When Madisons crew were exploring the town for the kids prior camp, they talk about how it was picked clean, Strand even says ‘They took the lightbulbs.’
    I think the vultures roll into an area, trap all the walkers to get them out if the way, then spend time taking *everything*.
    Any community dependant on scavenging, or scavenging for suppilments find nothing, leading to collapse, and then the vultures pick over the community. All the communities the vultures run across collapse, as the dude said, but the vultures put them in crises mode to begin with.

    Maybe this is denied or confirmed with EP 3, and this is old news or wrong, but the scene of them walking through the town commenting on how it was ‘picked clean’ followed by thier group name. (Vultures pick bones clean) made me think of it.

    Anyway, love all you both do, and looking forward to EP 3 recap.

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