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TNO 109: Unpaid Interns

Rod. Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, MoviePass, Infinity War, Iron Man suit stolen, RDJ made 10 mill for Homecoming, TJ Miller won’t be in X-Force, iPhone battery replacement, Sherlock Holmes 3, VW digital access issue, Patty Jenkins secures the bag, Bill and Ted 3, Bad Boys gets January release date, Obi-Wan spin off movie, Expanse canceled, Ryan Coogler would direct female Black Panther spin off, Rick and Morty renewed for 70 episodes, Gambit movie still alive, Hitman’s Bodyguard sequel, Nintento Switch Online, Colin Trevorrow’s script, Marvel donates over a million, Space X launches satellite, Snake Eyes movie, GameStop CEO quits, flu pandemic, PewDiePie mad, Starship Corporation and Snyder Cut controversy.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hows it going everybody?

    That Agents finale. they know exactly what theyre doing. its gonna be a long wait for this to come back

    Deadpool 2 was fun & the additions of Cable & Domino fit well. as soon as Cable hit the screen i had that intro song from the deadpool game started playing in my head

    & i enjoyed Solo. a movie about han & the crew doing shifty shit. the interactions between han & lando were good as well & star wars has been on fire the their new droids since they started making new movies. BB-8, K2 & L3 as well as chopper in rebels. these people are lucky none of these droids have facial expressions cause it would be constant looks of disappointment & side eyes. theyre also doing a great job of linking things together. when that thing happened, man was i pumped.



  2. Amani

    Kathleen Kennedy the gawd!!! Do I even have to say it at this point? The way they’re opening up this universe and using the fact that they can integrate all different forms of media is so dope. Get over it dummies, this is why the EU had to go, now we’re getting cohesive stories that don’t contradict each other and actually further the plot. And that reveal? Nigga listen! This is my Star Wars goddamit!

    And I’m glad it’s been two weeks because that Agents finale fucked me all the way up! But shout to y’all for being the Ant-man and the Wasp to their Infinity War. A live show announcement, Aaron got the whole Rune crew back together, and then we finally got that Enter the Dragon review!

    Talking about Jim Jelly I realized we need the martial arts cinematic universe. I absolutely would have watched an entire movie of him and that Black ass dojo, but just imagine if at the end we see the sensei closing up and Bruce Leroy shows up. I would have lost my goddamn mind.

    P.S. Kriss, you still ain’t shit for that statement at the start of the Insanity Check

  3. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron,

    I just saw Solo and that shit is Goood and gonna make all the alt-right dude Bros mad as shit and I love it!!! We are absolutely I. The Golden age os Super Hero/Sci-Fi movies and tv sometimes I just sit back and think how much less successful I would be if this shit was out when I was a kid.

    And Rod ever time I goto the movies i see that Skyscraper trailer and nigga that might be THE most impossible Impossinble White Man movie in recent History. A big ass war vet with a prosthetic leg in a futuristic building that like 300 stories tall who gotta save his family and survive a fire all with one leg. I know this movie ain’t gonna be “good” but that shit gonna be Great.

    Also Krypton is actually really good.. th acting, special effects, characters and story all have been really good and it got renewed for a season 2 so somebody must be watching. You can stream the season on demand or th syfy website now and I’m excited about season two.

    Lastly I was reading online and I came across this article “The 10 craziest things that happened on Gotham this season” NIGGA im gonna add the links below cuz yalll have to read this shit. This just shows how strong the Batman brand is and how much DC takes advantage of that shit cuz after reading this shit I have no idea how anyone watches this show.


    Thanks for everything

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, Kris, and Aaron,

    Unimind, Celestials, and Deviants, right now these are random words but soon Feige will make them household names. When the rumors of the next phase being centered around Eternals popped up, I was one of the 7 people that cheered because they knew what an Eternal was. This is Feige’s Rock Lee taking off the weights moment, we about to see what it looks like when he is trying. Fun Fact in comics Inhumans were an attempt to replicate the power of an Eternal, needless to say they failed. We about to have dueling Jack Kirby IPs on screen, ain’t that some shit?

    All I m going to say about the Agents finale is it was so good, I am mad the show got renewed. Very few shows get the perfect ending, fuck you Lost. And all I am going to say about the Flash ending is that would have been terrible for a midseason finale. The folks that creeped in and wrote Flashtime need to be found and given permanent writing duties.

    Take Care guys


  5. darkvarg

    What’s going Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Queen Karen.. I’ve been listening to y’all for about two years and TNO is definitely my favorite premium podcast. I have a question that’s been bugging me. While listening to another podcast someone said that their Xbox broke and they bought an Xbox S instead of a PS4 and the whole time I was thinking WHY? So my question is why are people so loyal to Microsoft when they clearly don’t give a fuck about their userbase. To me this is akin to Comic book fans not seeing MCU movies bc they rock DC. If you like to play games, and don’t have a PS4 you’re simply depriving yourself of the best games to play. Just think about some of their lineups Bloodborne is Dark Souls done right, Nioh is Bloodborne but with a Samurai, One of their most underrated games is Until Dawn which not only is it everything “Life is Strange” wishes it could be as your decisions determine which of the stars (some of which include Mr. Robot, the cheerleader from Heroes and Darth Ward) live. I know you guys love the Tomb Raider reboot. I love the Tomb Raider reboot but that’s bc they’re basically aping The Uncharted Series which adds the storytelling prowess of Naughty Dog. It’s not just that (unlike Microsoft) they’re actually releasing games but great games at that not only was Uncharted 4 great but Uncharted the Lost Legacy to me was even better and easily the most underrated games of last year and the only reason it wasn’t more popular was bc it had 2 female POC as leads but to me the way that relationship evolved during the game is what made the story better than anything about Nathan Drake. All I have to say about Horizon Zero Dawn is that “YOU FIGHT ROBOT FREAKING DINOSAURS” I finished that game twice and never got bored fighting those fuckers. God of War (and the way they weaved Storytelling with Action) is probably the best gaming I’ve ever experienced. Detroit: Become Human with Jesse Williams is looking like a better Heavy Rain and YO FUCKING Spider-man looks like a beast and you just know that there will be a Miles Morales DLC just in time for the movie in December. and that’s not including games that I haven played that all have great reviews like Nier:Automata, The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus. I’m not a fan of anime but Persona 5 and Ni No Kuni are supposed to be a animes come to life, I don’t know maybe its just me but playing these games is much better than playing remastered version of games that came out over 5 years ago. Just saying. BTW that podcast that I mentioned earlier I unsubscribed from it bc when asked why he chose another xbox he started talking about Microsoft being an “merican” company and too me that sounded to much like something that Trump would say to ever be something I support. I also have a question for Kriss now that it looks like Amazon is picking up The Expanse any chance you guys would review it for next season. Apparently Jeff Bezos is a big fan of the books and was mad when SYFY won the rights to the show. Methinks when the richest man in the world gets the TV rights to the books he likes the show is due for a major Budget increase. Anyway guys thanks for your time and keep up the great work.

  6. tyediamond

    Man I finally started Agents of Shield. It took me a few episodes to get locked into season 1 but now 17 episodes later and I’m hooked. Whew lawd they pull no punches. Also are y’all ready for No Man’s Sky for Xbox? I look forward to exploring planets not that they’ve fixed the game. Alright y’all be easy, peace

  7. dustdaughter

    Long time listener, first time commenter for TNO. I like the DC shade, even though you’re trying to be more respectful (they gotta earn it tho).

    SyFy cancelling The Expanse hit me hard. This season has been so good, especially the last couple of episodes where the action has ramped up a lot. But I think SyFy only profits from people watching live or on their website, not from people catching up on streaming services like Amazon (which carries the first two seasons). I really hope that AMZ will pick it up (people are already campaigning for that (http://www.newsweek.com/expanse-save-amazon-syfy-season-4-renew-fans-934620). This is really one of the best sci-fi shows on television right now.

    I really hope we get a World of Wakanda spinoff movie series. The caliber of actresses in Black Panther almost demands it. Not all of them got as much screentime as they deserved. I’d be cool with Coogler directing but he would probably defer to a woman director (preferably a Black woman).

    Okay, this is getting long so I’m out. Love the show!

  8. Mwangangi

    Yeah. It is hard to talk Rick and Morty online but I feel like this is a safe space. I just want to see what they do now that that particular pressure is off of them. You know how limitations help create the art. Anyway I got excited and clicked to leave a comment which of course stopped the show so I’ll get back to that now. Peace and thanks y’all. s/o to Kriss and Karen.

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