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SMR 185: Deadpool 2

Rod and Karen review the sequel to Deadpool… Deadpool 2! We also talk trailers and feedback.



    Deadpool 2 isn’t as good as the original, but I love about it, is how unafraid these films are, when compared to Fox’s treatment of the underwhelming X-men films. Ryan Reynolds has found his groove with DP & I love every minute of his portrayal. He’s done more with the X-men license than the X-men movies have. Zazie Beets is…WOOOOO, my god. I like her a lot on Atlanta, though, this is truly her introduction. I know very little about the Dominant character, but, she knocked her role out of the park. My favorite moments from her role is very subtle one, when she sees Juggernaut & says “NO!” silently. It cracked me the fuck up. Josh Brolin does it again here, as Cable, after coming off his role as Thanos in Infinity War. Just an allot fun movie. I did wish NegaSonic, Yukio & Vanessa were given more for their roles, but given the film had to introduce new characters, I understand the intent, despite my disappointment in the cutting back of those characters.

  2. Amani

    Zazie Beetz did that shit! Come through Van! We haven’t gotten to see a Black Woman be this fun and badass in a superhero movie other than Valkyrie and her Domino might be my new favorite. The bar has been raised.

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