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PG 146: The Audacity Of Stank

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball stories, hygiene at work, giving Lil Penny a ride, Acrimony, Versace, The Terror, Basketball Wives, LHHATL, Lawana Mayfield back, Teairra Marie suing 50 cent and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Spygate,

    These white boys have lost their damn minds, more than usual. They’re taking shots at each other and I love it. I could be talking about the Trump investigation but I’m talking about the Terror. Would yall sit down at Hickey’s table? Those steaks looked a little too rare for me.

    Rod, quick question, if you drove a Bentley (therefore having Bentley money) and had 4 martinis during lunch would you drive home?

    Justin, please tell me you’ve been watching Potomac? Can we please talk about Candiace? Her mom does pay for almost everything, but she’s fine as hell. What do you think about Ashley and her Mom’s situation with the boyfriend? It’s tough but I think Ashley’s husband has a good point. Gizelle is still my favorite, I need a mixtape of all her shadiest lines.

    See yall in September.



  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and J Milwaukee PD,

    I will kneel during the Balls Deep anthem, please fine me accordingly.

    Your talk about funk last week brought bad so many memories of my last job. The HR department had to send emails out explaining to people not leave fecal matter on the bathroom walls, and to practice proper hygiene. People would try to use febreeze, and perfume to cover up their funk. And it was always the folks that had no concept of personal space I understand folks might now have a firm living situation but if that is the case have a little self awareness. I am not stank shaming.

    Rod is there any chance for the live event that you will make a flyer, a real hood one like the ones that have MLK judging a twerk contest at a white party?

    Take care folks


  3. mrwwilliamson@yahoo.com

    This pregame show is off the chain. Omg I’m laughing so hard at the Little Penny story. Poor Rod and your stank car. And Justin’s stank coworkers. I know about them stank coworkers first thing in the morning, no teeth brushed, no deodorant and they’re the main ones who want to talk. Nigga Please!
    Anyway I wanted to say although I really don’t watch any sports except when it’s in the finals or TV for that matter I only like going to the movies. This show is GREAT! Rod and Justin make a great team and are the best sport, reality show commentators ever. I don’t have to look at at sports, I just come here for the news and laughs. Love y’all.

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