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BDS 256: Third Trimester Tristan Trials And Tribulations

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Metta World Peace on gambling, Kobe rips Smush Parker, Ohio State doctor accused of sexual assault, Trump offered McEnroe money to play Serena, Ex-Redskin cheerleaders defend team, Tristan was under pressure, Kobe likes a petty tweet, Sixers free agency, Greg Hardy’s next fight, Lions making excuses for Matt Patricia, Someone threatened Adam Silver, Cano on them PEDs, Lucas Glover and his mama beaten by his wife, Russell Wilson, David Tepper buys Panthers, Cousins unfollows Pels on the gram, Schroder unfollows Hawks, MSU settles, Jordan Bulls documentary, Serena Williams, NCAA tournament, TO being petty, NBA award finalists, Brie Bella and a 25 year old goes back to High School.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and J Morris,

    I hope all is well with y’all. This new site update is looking real nice!

    Every time I see the juxtaposition chart of “LeBron James and Kevin Love points scored” versus “Other Cavs”, I wonder if the graphics person has to fight the urge to just call the rest of the Cavs “Them Niggas”, cuz on the road that’s all they are. LeBron feeding assists to Jordan Clarkson last night gave me vibes of Kobe’s infamous game 7 against the Suns.

    So are they gonna name a wing of the Ain’t My Fault Hall of Fame after Kevin Love or the whole damn thing?

    Why the fuck don’t the Cavs choose to play defense on the road? It’s like they were about to pack it and then JR Smith told them they could leave that shit at home. Jesus take the wheel and just stick the whole backcourt in rice.

    Meanwhile out West? Game 5 made me realize that I got see to the Cavs win a title before I ever saw Chris Balls be clutch at the end of a game. And did y’all see James Harden *actually running* down the court on defense? Harden was chasing Durant down the court like he was made of MVP votes!

    The NFL is like a half step removed from banning 13 as a jersey number to spite the constitutional amendment. Bold strategy going the way of baseball and tripling down into white folks as your true fans, especially since that strategy has worked *wonders* for the MLB (MAGA League Baseball).

    Shouts out to the real GOAT: Serena Williams for running the beer pong table the Royal Wedding reception (am I supposed to capitalize that?). I guess when you’re the greatest, all you can do is kick wholesale ass. Nothing but respect for my President.

    Congrats on the VIP tickets selling out for y’all show in September! Y’all niggas DEED that shit and I’m so happy for y’all! Can’t wait to see the show in September. Have a great day y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Justin

    No slander this week, I’m proud of y’all niggas. From just kicking it and trying to kill time outta work to Master J being a muckity muck on the job and now you booked the Blumenthal?! Look at my niggas glowing up!

    And speaking of glowing up, we finally got a series out West. Harden had that playoff lemon booty for a minute looking scared to shoot, but it turns out dunking on donkey is the cure for what ails you. Rod was right again when it comes to these playoff narrative hot takes. It’s good to hear from somebody who knows what they’re talking about after putting up with Skeletor Miller and Chuckles Webber.

    And Kobe keeping that petty agenda against Smush Parker going in 2018 is the real shit I needed from his ESPN show. Instead we got him trying to sound like a sage advisor making everybody better. Nah I didn’t want a remix of Gruden’s QB show, give me Kobe wine drunk killing these niggas like he did when he was tweeting Lakers games after he got injured. Have him interview Oakley during Knicks games and just get him on to talk shit about Dolan the whole time. Give the people what they want!

    Alright y’all have a great week.

  3. rodimusprime

    Greetings rod & j funny money

    I have a question I don’t think has been asked in the history of balls deep sports!!! (If it has my apologies)

    In you guys opinion, Are there any “ain’t my fault” all stars in the hall of fame?

    Also can there be an “ain’t my fault” coach?

    Love the whole damn tbgwt network!!


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