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1684: TBGWT Live 2018

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Rod and Karen discuss their first official live podcast event, Bey buys a church, Sara Jay banned from AirBnB, racist lawyer kicked out of office space, Amazon Whole Foods deal, judge overturns assisted suicide in Cali, Coffee shop won’t serve racist man, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. AO

    Fo shizzle Snoop Dogg Lion is America’s sweetheart and Martha Stewart is a thug!

    And congratulations on the live show! I’m so happy for you both!

  2. Michelle

    About Van Jones and his friend Jared Kushner the “new champion of prison reform”. The only reason Trump is even discussing prison reform is because his son-in-law (Jared Kushner) wants to change the law to make it possible for his father (Charles Kushner, an ex-con) to get a job in the government. None of the bills they have pushed include anything about actual sentencing reform. Sounds like Van let them use him again.

  3. bamil73

    TBGWT Live show? I heard your plans, but here’s where you fucked up. First of all, you rented a 400 seat theatre? I checked your twitter and between yourselves and the show twitter, you have 40,000 followers. You should have sprung for the convention center. Also, you went all reasonable and shit with sensibly priced tickets??? Naw niggas, you should have priced them bitches at between 150 to 200 a pop, with VIP seats going for $1,500. Also, Chris Lamberth is good and all, but you should be outchea with promos for Chris Rock, Donald Glover AND Childish Gambino, and pre “Slavery-was-a-choice” Kanye. You niggas doin’ it wrong. It’s almost as if you want it to succeed without a hitch, make a little money and bolster your brand as people that deliver what was promised.

    Seriously though, this is awesome and I hope it is successful and I wish I could make it. Maybe one day you will have a live show in the pacific northwest.


  4. lamalamatime

    Oh my gawww, this is beautifus. I am so proud of you Karen & Rod. I could cry with happiness. You all are so inspirational!

  5. Miss1ko

    LMAO. The not ready to announce your pregnancy dress. That’s a word, Rod!
    But um the HOTEPS were missing but the ashy adjacent were in full swing. Talmbout how she is passing and how so many want a seat at massa’s table. Anyway, never forget, #dontbatheinyomamasgravy. Another chuckle inducing show.

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