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1685: An Apology To Straight White Males

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Rod and Karen discuss an apology to straight white males, Steve Harvey, Publix screws up a cake, Afroman settles out of court, what Meghan Markle can’t do, racist food network host, Neo-Nazi going to jail for pushing black woman, officer secretly records police chief being racist, TI arrested, Taking Out The Trash, man uses AK-47 on noisy kids, man copyrights his child porn, man switches the UPS address and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    This straight white male debate is as ridiculous when Bo Bice was offended for being called a white boy. These false equivalencices is just another way to dismiss or invalidate serious discussions about race. Anyone who wraps themselves up in the cloaks of victimization knows they’re full of shit, they just don’t care about individuals who are different than them

  2. Deme

    My “niggy sense” (Shoutout to Curtis from Gayside Stories and Ratchet Ramblings) was tingling all last week! Because I Got High was literally stuck in my head for days and I didn’t know why, until Rod read that article, Afroman out here being trash. SMH

  3. Andrea

    Selma Hayek still ain’t shit!! I listened to her in a recent interview with Oprah. She speaks of an aunt of hers telling her to laugh at a villager in her hometown who flashed her when she was a small child. The man stopped doing it and Selma used that fact to segue into how H. Weinstein grew to respect her after having been sexually inappropriate toward her. She is still on this “control your narrative/don’t be a victim” bullshit. Re-hearing her exchange with Jessica Williams just cemented my “fuck Selma forever” stance. As always, great episode!!!

  4. Charles

    Salma Hayek long been problematic. One week she’s all woke, then she’s capitalizing on her White adjacency (including billionaire, white French husband). But man if she showed up and wanted to through some of the MILF sex on this BBC, I must be honest my little (comparatively) head would win over my big head. I know, I know bad for the man brand but I’m being honest here!

  5. MizzAnderson

    Yess! I just got my life when I sat at my desk turned on the podcast and Rod hit me with those lyrics! So glad to have that back!

  6. Mike in London

    Apology accepted.

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