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SMR 188: Hotel Artemis

Rod and Karen review the criminal action thriller “Hotel Artemis.” We also talk trailers and your feedback to our review of Upgrade.


  1. Anonymous

    Did you all ever figure out that the black lady in the Bad Times at the El Royale trailer that you were wondering about was one of the women from Widows, Cynthia Erivo?


    Before I go into my thoughts about Hotel Artemis, I have to, once again, give props to Dave Bautista for his acting range. Sure, The Rock has a significant edge, as far as, longevity & box office success goes. The one thing lacking with Rocky, has been how limited his acting has been.

    He plays the same guy in every movie, while Bautista, goes full character in his roles. He’s really good in this movie, essentially playing a nurse doing his job, abiding by the rules & I enjoyed his scenes with Jodie Foster. That being said, my black ass will still be in line for Skyscraper & that damn prosthetic leg of his.

    The real star of Artemis is one Sofia Butella, in easily her best acted role to date. Be it spying, gathering intel, demolition & just kicking ass, this movie played to some strengths that Star Trek Beyond, Atomic Blonde & even Kingsman didn’t give her a chance to display. Charlie Day was so as an asshole. Sterling K. Brown was really good in his role, so was Brian Tyree Henry. And Jodie was good, as well. I also appreciate Jeff Goldberg dying in the most Jeff Goldblum fashion ever. I have no significant problems with it, it’s just an all around good movie.

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