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TNO 111: Nerdgas

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss your feedback, entertainment, toxic Star Wars nerds, Jamie Foxx will be Spawn, Arrow season 7 writers room is mostly women, MoviePass movies, Keiynan Lonsdale leaves Arrowverse, Walking Dead losing stars, JJ Abrams getting into video games, Kick Ass and Hit Girl reboot, Dave Bautista wants to be Marcus Phoenix, Legion getting a season 3, Jared Leto Joker movie, The Crow reboot update, Guardians 3 filming in January, Ava asked to direct New Gods, Deadpool 2 passes Logan, Xbox using volunteers for support staff, Stan Lee threatened by gunmen, Defenders season 2, Infinity War super fan gets invite to premiere of Avengers 4, Game of Thrones prequel, GTAV n-words, Tesla fatal crash, Castlevania season 3, Facebook hiring news credibility specialists, US Army exoskeletons, Kingsman spin-offs and Agent Carter.


  1. Amani

    So I know y’all are out a lot of your hardworking money from this Orgy-con fiasco so I’d like to offer you an investment opportunity. Some associates and I are raising funds to remake The Last Jedi this time directed by Zack Snyder. It’s based on the original script by George Lucas where we shrink down the Millennium Falcon and fight midichlorians. And best of all, no women except in gold bikinis! I think this is a billion dollar idea and can in no way fail.

    And did y’all see they finally came out and said the spotter in that self-driving Uber accident was watching Hulu on her phone the whole damn time? Yes, this the future we all want where we can binge shows stuck in traffic while Bumblebee drives us home, but we ain’t there yet! I can already hear Kriss siding with our new robot overlords, but this time he’s right. See, this is what’s gonna get us fucked up. We’re gonna keep trying to blame stuff on AI and one day they just decide enough is enough.

    Alright y’all have a good one.

  2. brandonisbmore

    So the last two weeks was the Tale of Two films, first we get The Incredible’s which was fucking fantastic, with the jokes, the action and completely understanding the The Incredible’s franchise and made the 14 year wait worth it. By the way I did a review with Rashanii from the Single Simulcast and he presented a conspiracy theory that Violet is the secret child of Helen and Lucious. To his credit he points out that all the kids got blonde hair except her, all the kids got light eyes except her and in both movies when Lucious comes through she the only one who dont speak to him..Just a thought……

    And then there is Jurassic World 2 smh… now I listened to Rod’s Spoiled Movie Review so I know you enjoyed it but I came in expecting the characters to be dumb but they were ridiculous this film. Then I was at least expecting Chris Pratt to be a good impossible white man and the barely made him an improbable white man. Also I wasnt expecting a great story but the plot even fell far below my already low expectations and the CGI look shitty espcially that lava. But I did laugh my ass off when that Raptor was creeping around the house but nobody in my theater was laughing except me.

    Also did yall see that the title of that standalone Joker movie at this point is called “Romeo” Nigga What?? according to the wrap the movie takes place in the 80’s and follow the Joker as a comedian who turns to a life a crime after his stand up career fails. WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS?? I swear if DC’s goal was to completely fuck up their universe they couldn’t do a worse job than their doing. As much as fox fustrates me at least they seem to have a plan and although they arent my cup of tea people like those films. This shit just seems all over the place.

    Lastly this is behind the paywall so its a safe space right?? Nigga I just read The Boys and nigga I cant believe this is gonna be a tv series on Amazon. Are we sure the people at amazon know what the source material is?? Cuz if they do anything remotely close its gonna be one of them tv shows that I watch but dont tell anyone and definitely dont live tweet. And I truely dont want people to cancel their premium subscription to the MTR Network but Kriss nigga yall gotta do a comic book book club on this series.

    Thats all I got thanks yall

  3. RashadC

    Fellas…fellas…listen…It’s one thing to listen to y’all drag these corny ass, toxic Star Wars fans. But when y’all lost y’all minds about the Jesse Williams-Taylor Rooks dating news? I knew this was the podcast for me. I feel seen thanks to this show. Thank y’all so much.

  4. Anonymous

    Kriss’s star wars rant. I literally had to pull my car over because as a ‘TLJ was equivalent to ESB in overall story and impact.” type fan, I get so much blowback. I am your father is eqilivent to ‘Your parents were nobody’. I fucking hate how ‘fans’ want to tear the SW universe down while proclaiming they ‘love it’. It feels like nerd culture rose up in response to bully’s, but now nerds ARE the bully’s.
    Love all y’all, keep on nerdin

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