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BDS 259: Beg For Your Pardon

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA Finals, NFLPA playing Trump’s game, JR Smith’s wife defends him, Josh Gordon, NBA teams won’t go to White House, Eagles got dis-invited from White House, Bosh suing his mama, Big Baby charged with felony, Colangelo resigns, TO won’t attend HOF induction, KG sister arrested, Senators assistant GM harassment charge, LBJ donated to Ali Smithsonian exhibit, Russ and Ciara invest in MLB team, Fox News shades NFL, UFC racist has ethnic friends, KD heckled, Clay Matthews, Deleware gambling revenue, Rodman at the NK summit, Serena clothing line, Shazier wants to play again, Gabby worth more than D Wade, Rueben Foster gets probation, Kareem Hunt punches man, Kyler Murray and Rockies draft pic deletes tweet.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jodomatic

    Shout out to Justin and House Ayesha. You try to bring him on the main show for the first time in a while and his problematic ass breaks the damn feed. This is what happens when you’re out here slumming with the brokies. Know your worth king!

    I’m almost surprised Rod didn’t drop a diss track about you like that Lonzo Ball heat! I don’t know who on the Lakers is J Prince so I need to see this keep going. Loser gets traded out of town when Lebron shows up.

    And speaking of folks we weren’t sure were joking or not, here goes this nigga Kyrie again. Who keeps asking him about this, and why do folks keep letting answer? The only way this whole flat earth thing makes sense is if it’s a long joke that pays off in Uncle Drew. Yes, the boy is stupid and loves his cakes as flat as the earth but I’m still seeing that movie.

    P.S. Y’all talked about the Kingpin Big Baby going on trial last week, what you didn’t have time for was to mention his lawyer was Chris Darden. Yes, that Chris Darden. How is this nigga still getting clients? Did he just tell him “Yes, I was one of the lawyers that helped get OJ off” and not mention which side he was on?

    Alright y’all have a great week. Appreciate the show as always.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey rod & Justin

    Thoughts and comments…..

    does the league need to get rid of that harden/wade rule once and for all? (That pump fake,make contract,then shoot foul)
    Just read a story saying shrek aka draymond, intends to turn down extension and try and go for a supermax deal, do you think the dubs will give him that? Or will he walk once his contract is done? If they do give it to him where does that leave the dubs financially as far as the rest of the team goes, bench other players etc….?
    Who in the bloody hell is nick nurse? Why you think the lebronto raptors didn’t go for a more established coach
    What y’all think about Kobe’s tweet directed at king James?

    Over & out


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