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SMR 189: The Incredibles 2

Rod and Karen discuss new movie trailers and the much awaited animated sequel, “Incredibles 2.”



    Incredibles 2 was a lot of fun, especially Bao, which was sweet. I didn’t watch the original, but I was able to pick up how things went in the first movie. Very likeable cast, good villain & very vibrant animation. Disney just keeps hitting these grand slams.

  2. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod & Karen….loved I2 – I agree that Pixar always does emotional roller coaster theme shorts, my predications on their next short is Pixar will either do a short about Jack Jack and the raccoon battle royale 2 or about what Edna and Jack Jack did for that 17 hours. (side note request pretty please with cherries on top – are you going to talk about Ocean 8 – it is only an hour and a half and I enjoyed the non pissing contest if you understand without spoiling anything) I cant wait to meet ya’ll in Sept!!!!

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