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1702: Everything Is Love

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Rod and Karen discuss Everything Is Love again, the death of XXXtentacion reaction, 6ix9ine says he needs to stop trolling, bail out, Darius McCray childish support, Chris Hardwick and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss1ko

    That Chris Hardwick mess reminds me of the whole Screen Junkie nerd culture sexual misconduct nonsense. Dude founded the YouTube channel and it blew up and his creepy tendencies have him ousted.
    He was on some old dorky nerd harmless persona but for real he was at work telling a woman he worked with that he was …… using her pin up pictures (that he “found”online) in his office for a lil jiggle, squirt, relax at his desk. And threatening to fire her boyfriend who also worked there if she told anyone. These particular nerds are trizzy trash.

    It does open up a discussion about airing out an ex who cheats on you when you have a following. He is trash for damaging her career but I’d bop all day to all of Mary J Blige talking about Kendon’t and if he never works again……so. But I can’t articulate exactly why but I feel like Chris Softwick is an abuse of power and not some sort of expression of anguish. It’s all a mess. People have no empathy.
    That sexual abuse account she gave is related to how women are made to feel they are obligated to have sex with their male partners. And on the black balling……honey you can only blackball Black women. Ask Monique.

  2. Derrick

    If jay z is Kevin love does that make him an ain’t my fault allstar? Lol

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