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SMR 190: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Rod and Karen review the latest dino disaster movie, “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.” We also discuss trailers and listener feedback.




    After they showed that “Dino Lives Matter” scene, I sort of knew I wasn’t going to enjoy the bad-goodness of the first Jurassic World. While Jurassic World attempted to rekindle the magic of the original, albeit, with more stupidity, what killed Fallen Kingdom was the writing (written by Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first film), trying to figure out if it wanted to be action-drama or action-comedy. It was simply hard to enjoy. I usually do give movies like this a pass, but it’s got to be enjoyable, quality be damned. Save for Blue going John McClane out of a window & those white folks gettin’ ate in the elevator, I didn’t enjoy Fallen Kingdom.

  2. Selester63

    The main reason I watch these Jurassic movies is to see the ridiculous shit these people do in the name of “science” by fucking around with Dino DNA, creating the most lethal & carnivorous dinosaurs (because the regular dinosaurs are just not dangerous enough) and then getting gobbled up by the things they created. So overall, I enjoyed the movie. I was just glad that the people in Chris Pratt’s crew didn’t get eaten. I guess the next movie the dinosaurs will running around your local neighborhood.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    For the first 20 minutes if the movie, I was sitting there with my arms folded in frustration because I just kept thinking about the hubris and caucasity of white people and then I was able to leave real life outside the theater and enjoy the ridiculousness of this movie. Dinosaurs just eating motherfuckers. At the end, I imagined it was an allegory for the Trump administration whereas he is the genetically enhanced dinosaurs and the world now has to live with the dangers of what white people created. #WhenYouAreTooWoke

  4. Amani

    Great review!

    Just a quick note on Creed 2, Stallone actually isn’t directing it. He was at one point, but they picked Steven Caple Jr., a Black dude who went to film school with Ryan Coogler and he’s also doing the Emmett Till documentary for HBO. I was nervous about Sly too, but I’m on on this.

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