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PG 151: Militant Micah X

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Justin and Karen

    When y’all threw up the Wakanda on my IG post, nigga. I shed a tear in the Netherlands. I am very grateful for y’all man. Seriously. I legit listened to the premium episodes from the flight to London and the flight back from Amsterdam. Y’all have that much content for the people who can sleep.

    The quality of the material on TBGWT is the best I have run across in podcast land. I know y’all don’t compare yourselves to anyone or compete with them as well, but talk y’all shit. Y’all built the platform from the ground up.

    Let’s wrap it up. I still fuck with y’all the long way. I will try to get to that live show but if I can’t, I’ll donate my tickets. I know we still have time. Thursday’s are a hard pull the way my vacation time is setup. To tell you the truth, I don’t necessarily need to go cause y’all never big timed me when I come hoop with y’all so I share something that most of the fans don’t have: the personal relationship. That’s the biggest thing to me. In the big ass world, it feels like the personal touch with people is gone. I’m glad I have that with you, Justin and eventually when I can catch time with y’all in the city, I can catch up with Karen for a bit.

    Aight, I’m done. I’m getting emotional.

    Take Care


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Waters,

    I think we all have differing opinions on the current events of today. I think in order to have meaningful discussions we should be civil to one another. Some people like the Walking Dead and some people like Westworld. What country is this if we can’t be civil and laugh at Rod’s statuses? This isn’t the America I remember but I hope Rod is able to eat Mexican food and watch Westworld in peace. Let me hush.

    How many folks (black) did you guys see calling out Auntie Maxine? Even I had to explain to my friends I couldn’t see the issue with her comments. My friends tried to tell me people may take Maxine’s comments and use them to play the victim. I get a little mad because that means they don’t know the right currently does that anyway. People forget history so damn fast but want to have high-level conversations about how things “should” be completely disregarding the fact we got Trump.

    Yall stay civil, Peace,


  3. bamil73

    Hey Rod and J Bushmaster

    I see Rod is doing some grade A trolling of Westworld fans on Facebook. Brava sir. Brava.

    Have you negroes been enjoying the new season of Luke Cage? I can’t like it for the most part because it is hard as fuck to watch because of the terrible terrible terrible Jamaican accents. Everytime one of the “Jamaican” characters speaks, it takes me out of the action completely because it’s so completely wrong. They don’t even sound like Jamaican niggas that live in Brooklyn. It is a testament to the story line that I’m even continuing to watch this shit at all. It has taken me four days to get to get me halfway through episode 3. I watch, then have to stop every-time a Yardie speaks. I’m soooooo disappointed especially since I was looking forward to this for so long. After the care that the Black Panther niggas took to get those different African accents right, then for these producers to not even try with this joint. I know this is supposed to be corny in a blaxploitation kind of way, but at least get the Jamaican accents right. Quite a few people I know back home quit after episode 2 and I can’t say I blame them because it’s such a big part of the storyline.


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