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BDS 261: Legalize Cocaine

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Dwight Howard traded, Stephen A Smith apologizes, Swaggy on coke, Kyrie apologizes to Kehlani, Kellen Winslow Jr accused of serial raping elderly women, Tristan Thompson claims his son, Ayesha Curry, Stephen A tries to holla at reporter, Ed Werder sad for the white man, JJ Hickson making NC State proud, Zach Randolph brother killed, USGA rough sex talk, Lavar Ball news, RG3 mentoring, Larry Nance gets married, Phil Mickelson apologizes, Shaq advises Lebron, Nate Robinson got depression in NBA, Sterling Brown lawsuit against PD, Mike Leach, Jimmy Butler dissing Wiggins, Kyrie wants to go back to school, vibrating panties for world cup, woman reporter assaulted during world cup and Burger King offers Whoopers for trapping a soccer player.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jaustin Rivers,

    What it do y’all? I hope all is well.

    So who do you think stumped harder for trading Austin Rivers away, Jerry West or Doc Rivers? How will Thanksgiving be at the Rivers household when Doc says he’s thankful for no longer having to simply settle for, “Well, at least Austin doesn’t punch people in the nuts.”

    Did y’all see Jamele Hill’s latest piece in the Undefeated about Greg Hardy being signed by the UFC? I really liked how she juxtaposed the UFC/Dana White’s treatment of Hardy as a redemptive story versus Ray Rice actually showing contrition; there is a staggering difference between someone actually trying to make amends like Rice and someone running with the “that bitch is lying” defense Greg Hardy relied on. On a lighter note, I’m happy to see Jemele flourishing over at the Undefeated and still cooking the shit outta these colonizers on Twitter.

    Shouts out to the Spurs thinking they can resign Kawhi by offering him a giant contract. This nigga still drives a ’97 Chevy Tahoe. Money is no object to a man who lives like he does.

    Are y’all rooting for any signing or free agency moves for sheer entertainment? Am I wrong that I want to Jurassic Dwight go to Washington just to see he drives John Wall crazy? What would FiyaStarer sound like week in and week out having to watch this uncoordinated ass nigga stand under the basket and yell at John to toss him an alley? Am I wrong for hoping that if LeBron doesn’t go to the Lakers that they sign Paul George, Melo and try things again with Dwight?

    As always, have a great day y’all, peace!

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