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TNO 112: No One Misses The Fox Films

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, an anti-Star Wars group, Jedi Fallen Order game announced, George Lucas says his sequels would’ve been hated, Fox exec says too many super hero movies are out, Geoff Johns, John Lasseter will step down, Rumen Petkov passes, MTV reviving some shows, Millie Bobby Brown leaves Twitter, Xbox E3, Alexandra Shipp wants Storm film, Captain Marvel breaks another barrier for women, Movie Pass vs AMC, Chloe Grace Moretz won’t be in Kick-Ass 3, GameStop looking for buyer, no VR for Xbox, Rick and Morty, Jumanji 2, Star Trek getting more shows, The Terror is renewed,  this week in Stan Lee, Raising Dion, EA tired of backlash for Battlefield 5. Gargoyles reboot, Aquaman, Silk getting a movie, TMNT reboot, warrantless location searches, Hardwick accused of abuse and Pokemon Go fight.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Nerdgas,

    I have to vent a little bit so I’ll apologize now, but I’m on my fuck Sony steez right now.

    First, my PSN account got hacked two weeks ago. Y’all please turn on 2-step verification if you haven’t already cause their servers still seem to be Swiss cheese. So my account gets hacked and I call PSN to make sure I can get my access back. One of the customer service reps I spoke with accused me of game sharing and pretty much said “ask your friend to logout of your account.”


    Y’all I was flabbergasted. Shoutout to 3GO, I was about to tell them “I’ve been a PSN customer for over 10 years” in a mean written letter but they seem to be reviewing my case again. But in addition to this bullshit from Sony, y’all heard they STILL won’t do crossplay. The Nintendo switch is pushing technology further than Sony with their Minecraft crossplay with Xbox. Y’all know more than me, does Sony really lose money if they release more crossplay games, or is it still fuck Sony?



  2. Rwh2016

    Hey folks,

    Here’s some nerd trivia. Did you know that the bad ass marine Private Jennette Vasquez in the movie Aliens was actually a becky in brown face? I was in a comic book store recently and came across the private vasquez 7″ action figure. Vasquez was the shit! Of course, I google’d the character to find out more about the actress. I was disappointed to find out that she’s actually Jewish. The actress Jenette Goldstein complained that she had to put dark contact lenses in her eyes and endure an uncomfortable hour-long full body makeup process to cover her white skin. Goldstein did a good job, but damn, wouldn’t it have been easier to find a latina to play the role? Was there a shortage of latina actresses when they were casting for the film? It’s that ‘Cism. I guess Cameron liked Goldstein so much he cast her as the foster mother in Terminator II. All these years I gave props to Cameron for his part in projecting strong female characters in his films. But he was just like most of the white Hollywood film makers at the time, whitewashing the ethnic roles. With exception of Black Panther, not much has changed since the eighties.

    Love the Show.


  3. Amani

    I’m not even going to talk about the movie yet, but the thing I’m mad about from Ant-Man & The Wasp is that de-ageing tech is getting too good! You know all those twitter idiots are gonna point to this as the reason Wesley Snipes can still come back and play young Blade and be convincing. And Marvel is rude as shit dawg.

    Has anybody heard from Tyrese lately? You KNOW he’s sick they got Idris as the villain for that Fast & Furious spin-off. But nigga let’s go! Shaw and Hobbes were the best parts of the last two movies if we’re keeping it a buck and I’m all in.

    But if my man Brandon is Bmore still wants an impossible white man movie, let them turn that into The Rock going to hunt down the rest of the surviving dinosaurs in Jurassic World. Nigga, I can see it now, when he throws his sidekick Kevin Hart into a raptor pit and his screaming distracts them long enough for The Rock to punch the alpha in the face? Five outta five.

  4. rodimusprime

    Sup all

    Have any of you heard of AMVs? Anime Music Videos.

    When done well they are amazing showcases of editing. They take anime and cartoons like Steven universe or Batman the animated series and use them as the building blocks of a music video.

    They are a way to see the coolest parts of a anime with out having to understand why the power of the spiral will let your robot become bigger than all of existence and throw galaxy’s like ninja stars.

    I find the videos by searching an artist and AMV

    Some of these are works of art that match the lyrics of the song to the action down to the mouth movements of characters on screen. Kendricks Black Friday lyrics paired with the visuals of One Punch man are like Hot oil and well seasoned Chicken . Some are just terrible truly truly awful trash that will hurt your feelings with how poorly they match song and anime think white covers of black music bad you have been warned.

    Here is a link to a good example of editing where the artist spliced in scenes from Evangelion into Gambinos the worst guys video https://youtu.be/3xn5e3vt6X8
    ( 1:05 long but u will get the idea in 20seconds)

    I added a couple of my favs for you to check out later below.

    Before I go. I believe teleportation especially if you can take large things with you is the most under rated super power of all time. If i had the powers of that idiot from Jumper I would have Elon Musk money. I would run a very Legal business where world leaders and Titans of industry can pay me a retainer to port them out of emergency situations or if you have the millions to spare i can make sure you make it from your concert in Japan to the Academy Awards in seconds.

    What super power would you all like and how would you exploit it for profit?

    Kendrick Black Friday x One Punch

    Childish Terrified x Mickey Mouse

    Diva x Ghost in the shell


  5. Cassie67Impala

    Hey Rod, Karen, Aaron, and Kriss! I hope you’re all doing well. I just got my premium back and I’m all caught up on TNO. I hope this isn’t too long and I apologize in advance if it is.

    I think Aaron briefly mentioned Until Dawn and Life is Strange an episode ago; I realized I never finished Life is Strange and went back and finished it and DAMN that story got dark. Between what Max did for Chloe …going back in time and changing what happened to her dad… and what happened to Rachel and other students: I was NOT expecting any of that. But I enjoyed the game and even though Life is Strange 2 won’t be Chloe and Max, I’m still excited to see what storyline the developers will create next.

    I picked up Until Dawn, finished the game, and got all my friends into it. Now were are all competing to see how we can get everyone to survive.

    You guys briefly mentioned E3… aside from that Last of Us looking dope… I showed up to get a peek of Telltale Walking Dead The Final Season. It was bittersweet to see Clementine and AJ. I am so ready to play the game, but I am not ready for it to be over.

    Last two things, Titfanfall 2 really is an underrated game. One of the only multiplayers left on PS4 that you can play without having PSN, and it’s one of my favorite games aside of the Battlefield franchise. With Battlefield, I’m not surprised the developers decided to add female characters for Battlefield 5, they teased it in the Battlefield 1 loading screen. The original cover art for Battlefield 1 is a black man, and his image is used while the game is loading. After one of the first major updates, the loading screening changed from the black man to a white woman with a shaved head, she just wasn’t in the actual gameplay. These gamergate dudes are out of control.

    Thanks for reading! Next time it won’t be so long! I hope y’all have a great day.

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