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1706: Sit-Down Comedians

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Rod and Karen discuss the BET Awards, being a sit down comedian, man drives through restaurant, man decapitates his mom, man asks police to check his meth and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Charles

    BTW, experiences like I described above don’t surprise me any longer, but they still suck.

  2. TanyaW42

    I actually have a 35-hour work week (it’s considered full time by the company I work for), I work 9:30-5:30 with an hour for lunch. One of the reasons why I’ve been with them for over 23 years!

  3. Charles

    I think I need therapy, too. The onslaught of black folks being killed by police, kids being ripped from their families at the border, SCOTUS decisions and Justice Kennedy retiring…It’s all too much. I can hardly stay in the same room with all these white folks at work. Stats say half of them voted for Trump, and in SC it’s probably more like 90%.

    I’m in a meeting last week, the only black guy as usual, somehow Starbucks comes up (they are one of our customers). I mention I heard Starbucks is closing down 150+ stores across the country but they just opened a brand new one near our office. Then someone mentioned the racial sensitivity training. One guy didn’t know the story. I related it, he said that sounds excessive. I responded “You think? I get the police called on me walking around in my predominantly white neighborhood where I’ve lived for almost 20 years.” Dead silence. Then they moved on. No acknowledgement whatsoever. I’ve worked with these guys for years. They couldn’t even say, “I’m sorry that happened to you Charles.” They just fucking ignored it.

  4. Justin W.

    I really enjoyed the conversation about BET and how we don’t deserve them LOL! We hold them to these high and unrealistic expectations, then we shit on them SMH…

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